Emirates defends no staff bonus, despite huge profit

Dubai airline said $622m profit was not enough to trigger bonus payments to employees


As a family member of a staff, I know what it feels like to not get the bonus. however, I also have sme insight into the way EK staff works. more than 50 % is only there to while away their days and leave at 3.30 pm. they come in at 7 and spend 30-40 mins having breakfast and chitchatting. then, they pretend to do some work and its time for their mid morning tea break which also lasts 30-40 mins. later its lunch which is obviously an hour and 30 mins. and then it preparation to leave for home. Sorry to say, because of these the overall profits are low and everyone suffers!!


maheen's "family member" must be chief skiver to get away with what he/she describes as "work". Never before have I read such misinformed rubbish.

I know for a fact that the EK staff (in UK at least) work there behinds off. They are always short staffed and expected to cover for what is obviously an EK policy here; with overtime pay also being all banned for about 2 years or more now. Also, no flexibility is shown to returning mothers with very young children; a questionable practice under EU law I feel.

The huge levels of EK profits in what is supposed to be challenging financial times can lead one to only conclude that the vast majority of staff MUST BE doing their jobs properly and well.

They shamelessly use the economic downturn as excuse to scare and squeeze their low paid employees, in the knowledge that the option to move to better employers are so very limited now.

In MY view, EK are just very greedy, family unfriendly, and bad employers. Not the only ones, but they are!


You're obviously ignorant and know nothing about Emirates staff so mind your own business and refrain from accusing people you don't know of things they don't know. It is obvious that your 'family' member is a sad and unrealistic representation of EK staff and must be fired immediately.


Not only greed and a humiliating salary increase for cabin crew (better to give no salary increase - that would at least have been less offensive) management should realize if it wants committed staff, they themselves should be committed to their staff as well. As everything in life: there has to be a balance. It is a mutual "give and take". Without their staff there would be no Emirates Airlines today! This applies to all management of all industries.


Top managment greed is one of the main reasons that caused the 2008 crises. hope i delivered the message..

Louie Tedesco

Happy employees, happy customers. Quite simple actually. 60,000 unhappy staff, well, you do the math on how many unhappy customers can result from poor service.

Happy EK crew

Amazes me to see no one is commenting on the salary increase the flying crew got!
Last week, Emirates flight attendants received a letter from their SVP cabin crew Kevin Griffiths stating that due to their hard work they will receive a BIG amount on top of their basic salaries (basic salary: AED 3700 to AED 5000) equivalent to AED 20 to AED 30!
Yes, 20 Dirhams to 30 Dirhams (depending on their grade) on their basic salaries which you can not buy a single top up telephone card!
Just read in another Arabian Business news that Emirates just close another sponsorship with France's PSG! Money for that they have!


Oh Come on ...guys, I wonder how come this news became the most commented news headline...this isn't a social issue at all, this is just a news about an airline company, who does have their own by-laws, governing body, rules and regulations, so they take decisions based on those set out structure, but if they are bind to pay bonus by the law of the land, then sure this is a social issue, otherwise, i don't think this news should become the most commented news head....


Emirates pays its staff far lower than most other airlines and takes full advantage of the fact that most of their employees come from poorer economic backrounds and can't afford to leave as many of them are supporting families back home.
Emirates makes a HUGE profit every year and doesn't even have the decency to give a dirham to it's very hard working staff who brought Emirates to where it is today, meanwhile companies like FlyDubai made a 1/20th of the profits Emirates did and gave their staff a generous bonus.....
Shame on you Emirates!


Actually you are worng. EK pays more than Qatar airways. About the same as Lufthansa after you work out all the benefits. Ryan Air make crew pay for their own uniforms forget about free dry cleaning. A lot of other airlines do NOT provide transportation to and from work, furnished accomodation with swimming pools and gyms, free electricity bills etc. There are good and bad things in all companies but Emirates is still way better than most.


Shame on you for disparaging your own employer who has provided you a golden opportunity to build a decent future without whom you would have been in dire straits. The problem is many employees think of their employer as a milking cow. If you are so frustrated why don't you just leave and find another employer who distributes charity and salary to his employees.


Decades ago I worked for a world class company that cancelled our Christmas bonus and replaced it with a fruit basket, and this happened when it made record profits. Their logic was that profits will be used to enhance the company's competitive edge which will safeguard our jobs, and cash after all was not "Christmacy". Moral of the story is that businesses do it all the time all over the world and the sad truth is that you can quit if you do not like it. You may also sue the company if the bonus is a legal enforceable right.


Profit is just a number; actually does not mean much if there is no Free Cash Flow.
Just because they make a profit, it does not mean that they can pay bonus for staff (which is an actual cash out flow).


Alright...Firstly the Financial Statements aren't there to support the tall claim of Emirates' 52% increase in profits.

Probably another marketing stunt!

Secondly, Emirates knows that employees will continue to work hard.

It has done a favor to employ 60,000 people from all over the world whereas other airlines have suffered.


This is to Mr Mark Scoble - you believe what you want to believe and I know that this is a 'strange affliction' that exists in Dubai. (That is believing everything that is written and announced by the 'Publicity Machine' that DUBAI is).

For those of us down the road, and moving in circles close to those that know, we hear very differently.

Don't you know anything about culture here? - the most important thing is 'the face' - so it will, like many, many other things that occur, never be admitted

Mark Scoble

@ILkhan and Steven: Just to clear things. EK is and has always been owned by DUBAI Government. It is a total myth that ABU DHABI owns EK; well they have their own airline: ETIHAD which however does have stakes in Air Berlin, Jet Airways and Air Seychelles. As for the financial statements, please visit and download all the annual reports of EK:


The profit for this year is nothing compared to what EK made in 2007-2008 as well as 2010-2011. Unfortunately, its the price of oil that is hurting the bottomline of not just EK but all airlines in the world for the past decade.


Well done Ilkhan You are the only one except me (see my comment further down) that puts some reality into this subject.
All we get is whinging comments from employees from that airline who do not realise through ignoranc,e or do not want to listen/believe, when others tell them that the 'ownership of their beloved airline has changed hands'................ and when you are bank-rolled by others - the 'giving of bonuses' is certainly not on the agenda!

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