Emirates refuses to raise payout for 'hotel stranger' mix-up

Airline says offer of 25,000 Skywards miles is 'final position' after passenger forced to share room with stranger


EMIRATES clearly has an attitude problem. While some of the ground staff are quite courteous, the rest are downright rude. On board catering is terrible. Most often the food served is cold and tasteless. I too have been a senior executive in the airline industry and I can tell you when things are going bad.Maybe success has gone to their heads. Very poor Supervisory Management.

Sabahat Aslam

The most perplexing thing is that after reporting a complaint, its simply impossible to talk to somebody in the management since the agents are only interested in hushing up the matter.

Had problems with Emirates online seat reservations and ticket purchasing as system after accepting the CC info, crashed and seat was no more available. Seems to be a deliberate bug in the Emirates application and talking to 5 different people didnt help.

Its simply pathetic that these problems happen with Emirates only while other airlines seriously pay attention to their customer's issues and make sincere efforts to solve them.

Emirates has a serious attitude problem.

A very dis-satisfied client.


Six years of flying with Emirates and things getting steadily worse. The last straw was when I was almost bumped off a New York flight because I did not have the zip code for the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC! When I suggested to the boarding clerk that they could cross check their systems, because they had full details already input by me on line, and keyed by the cashier when I paid for the my ticket at their office (because the on line payment system was broken again) he slammed my ticket and boarding pass onto the counter and huffed at me, proceeding to announce that I could not travel without the information....needless to say I screamed for a manager and was swiftly assisted with a smile....unreal experience, I will NOT be travelling with them again.


Spot on Jerome! For some people, the compensation offered is never enough. We all make mistakes and no real harm was done because the passengers found out and simply switched rooms. Sad to see that they now blow this completely out of proportion, and that by going to the press they hope to get even more than 25.000 miles. What do they expect, two free first class tickets? It's pure greed and foolishness. I fly Emirates a lot and - guess what - like every other airline, no-one is perfect.

Well done Emirates for having the guts to stand up to shameless people who jump on every occasion to argue for free gifts, free airmiles, free upgrades, refunds etc.

Mark Renton

Michael, if you fly Emirates a lot then you will know that 25,000 miles won't get you anywhere, and even if it could the chances of being able to redeem them for a flight that you actually would want to take are minimal.

Much like the rest of Emirates, the skywards programme used to be excellent but is now a shadow of its former self.


My wife used to work for Emirates for 6 years and Cuts on benefits, cuts on customers options and cuts of any luxury items.

But what makes things worse is that aircrew now work much longer hours every month as Emirates reduced lay-overs times to save more money.

one of the joes

@Tim, they are an airline, hence they have to comply with international regulation. if you actually talk to cabin crew you will hear interesting and relevant things

and in regard to profits - you loose profits if you loose revenues and you loose revenues when you face an increasing number of highly disappointed clients choosing to fly competition

and you loose passengers especially when more and more have dissatisfying experiences due to overworked cabin crew

quite simple actually, if you apply some logic


well what do you expect? They have to be run to make profits. It's not a charity.

Still Annoyed

Very interesting. We still cannot get over last year being denied boarding a plane from Dubai to Venice even though we had made it to the gate 45 minutes prior to departure time! We were told that they thought we wouldn't make it as our conencting flight was running late, so they bumped us mid-air! We were only spending 1 night in Venice, so it basically ruined our Italian holiday! No matter how much complaining we did, they wouldnlt let us on the flight even though people were showing up after departure time, and there were still plenty of seats available... Shameful!

Sam Tin Rong

Getting worse by the day. Arrogance and insult on top.
I stoppped flying emirates from Dubai due to several incidents.
the latest, during an EK flight to chine my luggage was destroyed, EK staff in Shanghai offered me equivalent of 20USD for my laggage and belongings! i told them to keep them as i am no begger. Depsite an apology for the insult they wanted me to sign the document that i do agree with the solution!


Typical Emirates. I was offloaded once without any reason. The crew decided that I was unfit to travel because I asked the stewardess for a claritine! The little question evolved into a one and a half hour drama and delayed the whole flight. Even after the ground medics came onboard and cleared me fit to fly I got thrown off the plane. As Skywards Gold member/Business Class traveller I got the proper Emirates treatment and service...No apology, no refund for lost hotel nights, no nothing. Complained in writing to Emirates. After no response from Emirates, I went to the press. Well guess, Emirates did not like that very much. But they suddendly responded and brushed me down with the same generic responses I read here again. I can only advise all travelers that get misused by Emirates to go to the press and make the case public. There is nothing what Emirates hates more than bad press. And currently they have a lot of it. Keep it coming, they hate it. It is worth more than 25'000 miles.

Peter Peter

It is as Mark says, success has gone to Emirates' head. We have all suffered the high handedness of staff. As a skywards member I can no longer expect that I will get either the seat of my choice or the meal of my choice. I think they just don't care any more.


I'm sorry all these comments are ridiculous. If they had a problem, they should have brought it up at Check-In. Instead they happily resolved the problem on their own and then a few days later, stuck their hands out like beggars? Had they actually raised a complaint at the time of the issue, Emirates surely would have solved the problem but instead like sensible human beings they solved the problem themselves. What is completely ridiculous is them looking for a handout thereafter. It's the typical modern culture of frivolous lawsuits and the tendency for people trying to seek out overblown compensation due to human error. Yes people we are still all human beings and we still all do make mistakes, but give the person a chance to rectify at the time it occurs. If any one person thinks that Emirates would not have sorted out the issue had it been brought up at Check-In then they're either fooling themselves or have an extreme negative bias towards Emirates or the culture of the UAE


Spot on Jerome. The world is full of complainers, oh and a few show-offs.. oh look I'm Gold, I'm not getting the service I deserve ;-)


(Y) I totally agree!


Jerome, you have clearly never been on the receiving end of Emirates attitude to a problem when you have reported it to them directly and immediately. I think perhaps the bias you refer to is with you in favour of Emirates. In my view they have lost site of one aspect that made them a truly great airline not just a successful one - they used to care and now they do not. If you really want to see excellence in customer service try Singapore Airlines - still after all these years far and away the best airline to fly with.


Yes, because when you're dealing with the loss of a loved one (the purpose of their trip), the first thing that comes to mind is putting up with beauraucratic rubbish, as opposed to solving the problem ASAP.
Emirates messed up, and put them in a very uncomfortable situation, as well as an illegal one in this country.

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