Etisalat denies UAE internet connection problem

Telco giant asks customers suffering from IT issues to request help.

PAGE PROBLEM: Etisalat has denied there is a wider issue with web connections. (Getty Images)

PAGE PROBLEM: Etisalat has denied there is a wider issue with web connections. (Getty Images)

Despite a number of concerns raised by internet users in the UAE about an inability to load pages online, the country’s main fixed-line internet provider, Etisalat, has denied there is a wider problem.

“No – we don’t have any general issues [with the connection in the UAE currently],” Etisalat senior media relations manager Asad Salem told Arabian Business on Thursday.

“But if we are provided with the specific account numbers [of the complainants], then we can find out what the problem is.”

But concern has been expressed that Etisalat’s proxy server might be at the root of a problem.

The Etisalat website says that the proxy server conserves network bandwith and reduces response times for users.

One analyst contacted by Arabian Business said that while he had heard people say that web browsing had been slow or unsuccessful lately in the UAE, that was based on anecdotal rather than data or specific research.

“So it’s quite hard to say whether there’s a problem and, if there is, what the cause might be,” Informa Telecoms & Media senior analyst Matthew Reed commented.

“It might be that as Etisalat makes particular changes to server settings, that is affecting the availability of certain web pages.”

Reed added any problem might also be caused by international data constraints.

“Most internet traffic is international and the UAE only has a certain amount of international capacity, and it might be that demand is exceeding that capacity, with the result that internet users are finding it takes a long time to download pages or that downloads fail,” the analyst remarked.

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Posted by: ajay sadhu

My internet has been inaccessible for 7 days now. Etisalat has informed me that my account will be terminated if I don't have e-life or fibre optic connection. Went to Etisalat office to migrate from ADSL to elife, reply was that their system is down and nothing can be done until tomorrow.

Posted by: Luigi

Simple answer - you get the contracted speed to the servers in Qatar whether it is 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, or 8MB. There is nothing in Qatar, that I care to download, that requires more than a .5MB connection. However, as soon as you try to download outside of Qatar the top bandwidth is .5MB. FYI - that was a speed test as close at Riyadh and as far away as USA. Once you leave Qatar your are at .5MB.

Posted by: Rajesh M

First is the screwed up Aztech router provided by etisalat which is like an old man trying to take a brisk walk but it fails on wireless. Second is the connection which is painfully slow. Call centre people are of no help but read standard protocols. They are askin me to install a new antivirus when I already have an active one which workd just fine. Its not good misleading the consumer and denying that something is surely wrong with Etisalat internet connections.

Posted by: Zekky

Even today, Etisalat Internet is slow. Defenitely somethings wrong

Posted by: andrew

I'm paying for a 8mbps, and a speedtest I just made with a server in the USA marked my bandwidth as being a 0.17mbps download connection... Supposedly utter rubbish, but youtube videos seem to simply refuse to download, and web pages take ages to load. What's more is that testing my internet with a server in Qatar rates my speed as being 7.8mbps, so it seems to me that this the overall sluggishness of the internet is due to this fault in the sea cable, cutting us off internationally, or whatever other excuse that might otherwise be procured by Etisalat. I feel very disappointed in the company, which has only seemed to have provided me with slow, unreliable services ever since I have started dealing with them.

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