Alexej Ogorek

Alexej Ogorek

Industry: Banking & Finance

Designation: Executive Director, Portfolio Management & Strategic Planning, Mubadala

Country: United Arab Emirates

Country of origin: Germany

Occupation: Executive Director, Portfolio Management & Strategic Planning, Mubadala

As head of portfolio management at Mubadala, Alexej Ogorek has his hand on the wheel of Abu Dhabi's most strategic important sovereign wealth funds, worth an estimated $13.3bn.

As Abu Dhabi seeks to diversify its petrodollar-based economy into areas such as aerospace, industry and healthcare, Ogorek decides how much is invested, where and why.

With more than eighteen years banking experience under his belt, Ogorek boasts a degree in economics from the prestigious London School of Economics and a master of philosophy in mathematics from Cambridge University, UK. His previous roles include a stint with the Boston Consulting Group in Germany, before joining the Creditanstalt Investment Bank in Vienna. Here, he took up the role of managing director for Austrian merger and acquisitions, advising top local companies on portfolio strategies.

Ogorek shares his time between Abu Dhabi and Austria, and is currently responsible for the management of Mubadala's extensive portfolio, including investment risks, the performance of its portfolio companies and group strategic planning.