FIFA confirms new probe into Qatar 2022 bid

Ethics investigators says they will conduct thorough review of allegations of wrongdoing

Kai Miethig

It is very strange how people complain, who have mostly not been in Summer in the Middle East. The World Cup in Mexico was at more then 3000m with more then 38 and sometimes 40 degrees without A/C !!! I am sure the World Cup 2022 will be the most spectacular and most amazing and most hospitality World Cup ever, if the guests comply to the rules and regulations of the host country. There are amazing F1 parties in Bahrain and UAE. We watched the soccer world cups 2006 and 2010 in Dubai, with lots of parties and fun !! Great hospitality and amazing atmosphere !!
So please weird people, shut up and give them a chance to show the world what they can do. They won the bid and just because of the location you will withdraw it. Ridiculous, they will have the best stadiums, best infrastructure. Did you see the design, amazing. It is a new area, let them make soccer popular there. Why it was held in USA? It will be a great World Cup 2022 in Qatar and I will be there !! For sure !!


Mexico summer temps 24 to 28 celsius. The population 115 million not counting expats. Qatar 300 hundred thousand with out foreign workers. World class soccer teams since 1905.



I personally want the cup to be hosted here in the middle east...but the concerns are endless. Regarding your comment on Qatar, they can do the same to people coming from friend they r not building all the infra just for themselves. They cant just deny a visa bcoz they r not in a position to do so at the time of the event. However said n done, if it is done then it spells only doom for the Qatari's...I undergo the same thing when i apply a visa to the US but i dont give a damn if i get the visa or not. USA is not the end of the world right.

Bob the Builder in Qatar

Staging the World Cup in winter is not an option. It's not even in FIFA's hands. The English Premier Leage, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga and Italian Seria A are the biggest leagues in the world, commanding the highest audiances, and the UEFA Champions League is already a bigger event than the World Cup. There is no way the satellite broadcasters who own the TV rights and not to mention all the other sponsors, would allow any interruption to their programme on account of the World Cup. Platini can say what he wants but he knows the moment he switches to a winter tournament he'll be giving the green light to the formation of breakaway leagues which will take all the advertizing and TV rights revenue with them. The World Cup will become a tournament of U-21's and over 35's which will have little or no attraction. FIFA's only option is to go ahead with a summer tournament in Qatar regardless of the problems posed by the climate at that time of year.

Bob the Builder in Qatar

A winter break will interrupt domestic and Champions League for at least 2 months, because the clubs will need to release their players at least 1 month in advance for training with their national squads and then the competition itself runs for a period of 1 month from the opening game to the final. Winter is also not a good time of year for travellers and fans from Europe, the Far East and the States due to Christmas/ New Year congestion and airport shutdowns due to weather conditions which impact flight schedules. All roads lead to the same conclusion: Giving the World Cup to Qatar has been a mistake and should not be allowed to go ahead. On the other hand it is good for construction in the region, and as a construction professional I have much to gain from the billions that will be spent on building big empty stadiums in Qatar


@Qatar resident - yes, perhaps it is difficult for footballers in the UK to celebrate Christmas and New Year when they know they've got Boxing Day and and New Year's Day matches. I'm sure we could put a break in the schedule then.

Unfortunately, filling this break with a winter world cup would make it even harder for them to celebrate these things with their family and friends!

Furthermore, given this region goes on and on about how we all need to respect regional traditions and beliefs, the Boxing Day match is in particular a British sporting tradition. Why should we give it up?

qatar resident

Winter staging is best for Qatar and Europe. Remember that the majority of the European competitions shut down over Christmas/New Year due to weather. It must be difficult for footballers to celebrate Christmas/New Year in the UK with the plethora of Boxing Day/ New Years Day matches, it is quite easy to insert a few weeks break into the winter schedule with proper planning. TV will have plenty to screen during this time. Even if Summer schedule goes ahead, Qatar has invested Millions in preparing the ground to host it successfully including Air Conditioned fan zones. People responfd to a challenge and Qatar will respond to all challenges whether a Winter or Summer World Cup.

Abdul hafeez Sheikh

This is unfair for Qatar , some people are trying their best to keep Qatar out of The FIFA world cup. I am sure that there is nothing in the investigation . It may also be noted that huge funds have been spent on the preparation work and the world must realize that such an event in the Muslim country like Qatar will contribute harmony among the Muslims and others . Every country has problems in Human rights , even in UK if we go in minor details then such complaint may come into light . We should not forget that Qatar is a country which has contributed a lot for the west and western democracy although they are still at the developing stage of democracy


Perhaps the powers that be at FIFA finally woke up to one of two realities.

1) Staging it the summer is a near impossibility, for fans, for players. Air conditioned stadiums? Unless every stadium is indoor I don't see how this would be a possibility. Even if it were indoors it would go down as the most environmentally unfriendly games of all times.

2) The true plan was to float out the idea of moving to a winter games, meander for a while and then finally make a decision to do so. Only problem is they didn't expect such a backlash from the professional leagues seeing their seasons interupted.

Long shot possibility they are looking for an excuse to rescind offer.

Right thing to do? Let Qatar keep the games but admit the summer plan was a farce from start to finish and put it in the winter.

Not to give Qatar the benefit of the doubt, but I defy anyone to name an Olympics or World Cup where cash and other incentives didn't change hands.


Guys give it a break?..time will tell. I def would want a world cup in Qatar, but it would have been wonderful if it was co-hosted by UAE & Oman as well. Nobody has a reply if Israel qualifies then what ??? What happens if they want to get 20,000 supporters ???? So chill it?s 10 yrs from now. They will get their act together summer or winter. Don?t feel jealous that a country of size of Qatar has got the rights & the customs & the heat. They will eventually move it to winter?.wanna bet !!!!


Arjun....if winter is the final out come in Qatar will money spent by other countries bidding be refunded as I am sure USA for one would not have even bid for the world cup of Soccer in the winter. Just dose not work here we have numerous professional sports in the winter months NBA, NHL,NFL NASCAR, UFC,and these sports are far more popular in at least North America.One must remember soccer has along way to go here hence the world cup bid Canada/USA 400 million Qatar 300,000 thousand.



I'll give you an answer concerning Israel. Qatar can do the same thing the US does all the time with no one shouting injustice. The US always denies visas for anyone it doesn't like when they try to attend the UN, which is their right, even New York mayor has spoken against allowing Arafat into New York.

You didn't complain then.


Seems standard for Qatar and FIFA/UEFA though doesn't it?

It's now four month since Uefa confirmed that all top clubs have signed up to the spirit of the new financial fair play rules, yet do nothing about the Qatar-owned PSG signing a �570m sponsorship deal with Qatar's tourist board.

PSG's Nasser al-Khelaifi says they need the money for transfers to stay competitive. "Why must we stop pouring in money? It would be unfair."

They're ruining football.


Investigations are underway:

Paraguay's FA head Nicol�s Leoz, 84 ? unhappy after German press alleged he took a bribe to vote for Qatar 2022. Leoz, who denies separate bribery claims related to Fifa's ISL scandal, told local media: "A while ago the press in England were at it, now the German press do it. I don't know, what is it that drives these people?"

Hopefully the truth will out and the World Cup will be moved to somewhere like Australia or one of the other countries that put in honest bids.


Their human rights record should be investigated too.

Paolo C

Ethics Committee by Fifa!!!!???? It's like washing your hands with your own soap. Please. Who are they trying to fool.

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