First Miracle Garden project opens in Dubai

Deal signed to develop phase 2 of Dubailand attraction to include retail, restaurants


I wish my bougainvillia would grow like that!

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Fantastic work buddy, continue the good work.


Instead of another unsustainable tourist attraction, one even nicer than the other, create a park that many residents would welcome.. A park where people can walk their dog (off lead).


Hi, is there a picnic area, can we bring food inside.

Location would be helpful...

The article doesn't even tell us where it is located, Dubailand is a very large area, it wont be getting any visitors unless the location is released!!!

And red snappa is right, while Dubai is missing more garden projects how sustainable can this project really be?? What measures are being taken to reduce water consumption in the gardens like shading for the hot summer months etc...??

Most big cities have botanical gardens and dubai needs more family orientated areas that do not involve more shopping malls but the cost to the environment must also be considered.


This project is located at the junction of Emirates Rd and Umm Suqeim rd, it is extension of barsha towards emirates Rd.

It is about time that we get some good outdoor spots in Dubai.

brsvo Dubsi properties

Red Snappa

Exactly how many billion gallons of water will this project take to sustain, isn't the water regional shortage already getting worse at rapid rate and the climate getting warmer.

Still depletion of natural resources should never bother anybody when it comes to making money, isn't that right? Is the project carbon neutral I ask myself, for it'll take an awful lot of desalinated water in the upkeep.


You cant argue with the level of excessive wastefulness here. However in Dubai, landscaping water is actually sourced from refined sewage water....

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