Five handed jail terms over deadly Doha mall blaze

Qatari court hands down sentences for 'negligence' that resulted in 19 deaths last year


Let this tragedy be the catalyst for very strict OH&S regulations that ensure the safety of Qatar's residents.

Very sad to hear of such a tragic event.


First of all, my deepest condolences to victims? families.
I am very sad to know about the way this case has been treated but unfortunately I am not surprised being a resident in Qatar for some years now.
When this shopping mall opened in 2006, one Sunday morning, there was a fire in cloths shop behind the Paul?s bakery. I was there and was shocked to see the way it was tacked: no fire alarms, no sprinklers, no evacuation procedure, no firefighting or security personnel taking over the situation. All I saw was chaos and people running in all directions with buckets of water and removing the clothes from the shop out to the public area. I took some picture of the incident and was kicked out of the Mall because I was taking pictures.
Unfortunately, as expected in Qatar, there were no lessons learnt from this incident.


Back to this unfortunate accident, its investigation, and its causes and how the Qatar Government is dealing with this issue:
First of all, no building in Qatar has its design approved before a Qatar government entity approves the design, therefore if the design was at fault, that entity must be made responsible.
Second, no building in Qatar is open to the public without several inspections (fire services included) from a Qatar government entity, if there were non-compliances in the building itself (ventilation, fire services, emergency exits, etc?), that entity must also be made accountable for the accident.
Third, the Qatari government may have the Safety regulations in their laws but they fail to enforce them, just like the systematic abuse of laborers by agents and employers ? equally the Qatari government does not have the adequate and sufficient ability to enforce and to check adherence to these laws.


Forth, the Qatari government fails to listen to any complaint (no Ministry will ever answer a phone call or an email) or to take any action to address those complaints. It just not something part of their ?work? habits.
It is a fact that the whole country represents a risk to any of its citizens and visitors, as laws are not enforced and the Qatar government fails to address addressing this issue.


Besides the fact that there were so many innocent lives lost in this terrible accident, what is even sadder is that nothing substantial at Government and Policies levels were done in Qatar to avoid the next disaster.
The ultimate entity to be accounted, blamed and responsible for this accident is the Qatari government, and they have not change their attitude and law enforcement not they show any respect to the families? victims.
A message to Qatar: money is not all that counts in life!

Daud Al Zainey

I don't think that anyone is under the illusion that these people will spend a day in jail.


The legal delays are a further warning to expats, don't expect any kind of justice in the Gulf and don't hang around for compensation.


Smart move from Qatar, by law you can not sue one person for the same crime twice. If they weren't convicted in Qatar, the parents will seek judgment some where other than Qatar, and might actually serve those years in foreign jail.

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