GEMS to close Dubai’s 4,800-pupil Westminster School

Pupils to be offered places in far flung Ras Al Khaimah when school shuts down in 2014


I m very abset when Iheard news about the school I hope to countinue

munawar hussain

this is an excellent programme


This school can never be in loss... It has 4800 students now imagine the amount of fees they collect from students..


Time of Micky Jagtiani to enter the Education field!


Education costs a lot people, if you just cannot afford it, why don't you send your children back home to pursue their studies instead of this never ending whining. If a business does not generate money, it will shut down, it is that simple, this is not rocket science.


Education not cost lot but greediness has no endings
if you cannot run school them simply sold it and go back instead
many people here to run it.


Not sure what everyone is complaining about here, it is a private business and 100% their right to do as feel within the rules on the licensing laws and that is the end of that.
In the end of the day like any other company/business here, when the rules/costs make it less/non profitable to operate in a territory you make your investment elsewhere.


contradicting statements. my qustion is if the group is at loss for running this school, how can they have money to open new schools and invest in other countries. 48mil per year and still at a loss. i hardly doubt it. if so all the GEM schools should be shut down if they dont have money to run 1 school.

John Smith

Each school should make a profit, why should they carry loss making units.

Paolo C

You are very welcome to Dubai. You buy a home that will never be finished, you pay services fees for empty swimming pools and unexisting gyms and "creme de la creme" you send your child to a school without knowing if it's going to go burst before he / she is finished.


You mean in Italy, there is a guarantee nothing of this sort happens?

Dude people invested in Spain housing and it crashed, Air france passengers half way flight told to donate money for fuel, in big Italy cities like Naples garbage is left on street and no one there to collect, people invested in Ireland saving schemes and the money is gone....

What do you call these, blessings?


Possibly, KHDA is limited to evaluate the performance of an educational business than the commitment of eduction to the society. Guy has a guts to come and declare in public, possibly with an understanding.

Yehia Mohamed

Such a wise Decision, I think GEMS Group from, them Education is a quick mean form money they don't care about school or even the Education prospect of the UAE. School as we would go instinct, only who affords can learn. I hope you should think again about that decision because i believe the future of a 4800 students is not not a card game. There is nothing to Gamble here.
If you are looking for a moderate raise just ask the parents before taking such an outrageous decision. i call upon all the families to speak and send complaints to KHDA to draw back such decision which is not in favor of the UAE educational prospect


Will GEMS lose the land and building facilities when they close the school? i dont think so.
They say they want to open new schools in the next two years, this will probably include a "New" school on the existing Westminister location, with a new brand and a much higher fee structure. The Govt should cancel the lease if the school is closed, and give it to someone who could do a better job.
On another note, the MOH in UAE regulates exactly how much money pharmacies are allowed to make on medicines, i think 15% margin. The KHDA should consider limiting the profit margins in private schools, ensure that schools making a loss are allowed to increase fees, and schools making too much money should either reduce fees, or invest in improving the education experience.


So what are the other private schools and mgt doing? Are they getting subsidised for the land and building by KHDA or Govt as the lobbyist from GEMS? There are many other ways to build your empire. By the way, how did the founder get the education completed in childhood? possibly, free education from nuns!!!!


They pay rent for the land, which is high and not subsidies by anyone. KHDA or government

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