Gucci seatbelt plan to get young drivers to buckle up

Young motorists in the UAE say they are embarrassed to be seen wearing seat belts.

Gucci seatbelts could be distributed to young UAE motorists as part of a nationwide safety campaign to get them to buckle up.

According to a report in the National, the Fashionable Seatbelt campaign will be launched after Ramadan.

The scheme, run by the Salama Road Safety Public Awareness Initiative, will see seatbelts adorned with images of the UAE national flag, top football team logos and fashion houses, like Gucci.

The latest figures by the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) showed that only 11 percent of Emiratis and 44 percent of expatriates wear seatbelts.

Many young drivers have said they do not wear seatbelts because of peer pressure, according to the Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy (EFP).

Maytha al Habsi, the director of the public awareness programmes at the EFP, told the paper: “Young people like fashion in general. Many people would love a Gucci seat belt, for example. Or a seat belt that carries the name of their preferred football team. Also, Emiratis like so much to carry their national flag. It may very well be that fashion is the way to go. Maybe this would encourage them to wear it.”

Local designers will also be invited to submit ideas for the seatbelts, which will be distributed in petrol stations and eventually car showrooms.

“We need to try this now and see how effective it is. Car dealerships, in the future, can perhaps get you to choose the colour of your seat belt, just like you get to choose anything else,” al Habsi told the paper.

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Posted by: Jon

I think everyone has heard of the concept of the "Darwin Awards"? Seems we have a whole new bunch of contenders...

Posted by: Michelle

The government needs to enforce these laws of wearing safety belts. Forget about fashion, we are talking life here people! I have seen so many children roaming their cars while the parents sit in the front seats and allow this to happen. I have only been here 12 days and it's shocking. I have also seen mothers allowing their toddlers to sit on their laps while the father drives. This is pure ignorance!

Posted by: Said Al Suleimani

I totally do not agree with this. People need to be aware of the importance of seat belts. If that awareness is not spread properly it means the authorities responsible probably did not do their job right or probably they are not qualified to get the job done. Instead of trying to capitalize on people by telling them that it is cool or stylish to wear seatbelts, tell them that it is responsible to wear seatbelts because it contributes in saving lives. And that is the whole point of wearing them.

Posted by: A Paulled

How low and stupid can people get ? Well maybe I should rephrase that as anyone who's stupid enough not to wear a belt will surely go for a Gucci one..! Seatbelts are supposed to be a safety feature and comply to international regulations, well now our friends Gucci have to go through this procedure...! Well my suspicion is the time and cost will put off these folks and they'll start going for the "Genuine Fakes" which surely will appear, next week most likely..! So expect to see a new class of passenger flying through their windscreens with child on laps, but no worries they're wearing a classy fake seat belt..!

Posted by: Roy

I agree with Dellboy and is the Police who are lacking in this case. We should be seeing motorists fined and cars confiscated for not wearing seatbelts. The only time Police involve themselves with motorists is when there is an accident...the Police should be proactive in their approach to road safety and not wait until an accident has happened. Get rid of the tinted windscreens, stop children standing up in cars unrestrained, fine the parents of such children, stop the tailgating and erratic driving...these are all things the Police should be doing something about but are not. When i first arrived here, i was also guilty of speeding and talking on my mobile while overtaking a Police car until i realised what i had done...something i would never dream of doing back home, so it is now safe considerate driving for me and my passengers. Forget fashion, it is the Police who must wake up so they in turn can wake up the rest of the idiots who flout the most basic aspects of safe driving

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