Gulf airlines told not to carry US whistleblower

Edward Snowden exposed US surveillance of internet, email and Facebook usage

Last of the mohicans

In those so called democratic (they should change it to Hypocratic) there is freedom of speech but no freedom after the speech.
When the guys speaking about crimes are charged and sent to prison and the criminals left free (Manning case) and the country plays 1984 remake and feel they need to put in prison the guy that stands out, there is something fundamentally wrong.

Yes Mister Obama, You Scan and instead of a dream you have a drone. We know that.
Maybe you would be wise to return the Nobel prize as you do not deserve it.

Arabian man

so much for freedom of speech and freedom of thought.Guess it applies ONLY when the intrests of UK-US and other allies are served.
US-UK has no permanent friends only permanent interests.

S in UAE

Freedom of Speech does not apply to confidential information that you obtain in your work for a national security department of the government. That's illegal disclosure of confidential information, and in this case is damaging to how US-UK try to maintain security. This is not his opinion which he's expressing (which he is fully entitled to voice in the US/UK), it's highly confidential information obtained under strict confidentiality agreements.
Encroachment on privacy in the US definitely needs to be investigated, but leaking the other info about UK and US security on other governments has nothing to do with privacy concerns for US Citizens. The guy is enjoying his day in the spotlight, but the more intelligence agencies he angers, the shorter that day may be.


What is UK afraid of ???


Yeah and the Ecuadorian embassy in London is already full.


Hong Kong is very close to America.
Closer than to Europe.

If he is innocent, why doesnt he go back home?
He has nothing to fear because he has done nothing wrong.

Tariq A

Probably afraid from ending up in Gitmo bay with no trial or recourse to legal support like thousands before him.

Apparently, American 'Freedom' and justice for all is myth that has already been disapproved.

Read a non-american news paper every now and then.

Dildo Daggins

Good boy! Very Good boy! Nice poodle!


He is a Hero and should be supported in all possible ways....!

John Ellis

Innocent until proven guilty, also above suspicion until charges have been filed.

petty comment

Memo to World Media: "I did this"

Where does 'Innocent until proven guilty' come in?
Looks like the UK is just banning entry of an undesirable alien
Am I missing something?

Punky B

It's Guilty until proven innocent....!! And these same so-called Democratic countries are appalled when countries like China or other non-Western-conforming countries prosecute people for the flimsiest offenses... I think they should change their name officially from Great Britain to Not-really-that-great Britain. This is sad to see such a state of affairs in supposedly free countries.

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