Gulf cities among least expensive in world

Dubai falls 16 places in World Cost of Living Survey; Oman, Jeddah close to bottom of list

Dubai has fallen sharply in a new list calculating the cost of living in 130 cities around the world.

The World Cost of Living Survey 2012 published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranked Dubai in 94th position - a drop of 16 places from last year.

Neighbouring Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, also dropped five places to 91st, the EIU said.

The survey, which looked at the price of more than 400 commodities and goods, ranked Karachi in Pakistan as the cheapest destination globally.

Zurich in Switzerland was named the most expensive place across the world.

The EIU survey showed that three of the four cheapest locations globally - Karachi, Mumbai, Tehran and New Delhi - were from the Indian subcontinent.

Muscat, Oman and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia were also among the least expensive cities in the global list.

The main reason behind low cost of living in the Middle Eastern cities was the use of price controls and the pegging of currencies to the US dollar, the report said.

At the other end of the list, Zurich toppled Tokyo as the world's most expensive city.

The top 10 also included Geneva, Osaka Kobe, Oslo, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Frankfurt.

The survey compared over 400 individual prices across 160 products and services. They included food, drink, clothing, household supplies and personal care items, home rents, transport, utility bills, private schools, domestic help and recreational costs.

Last July, Mercer's Cost of Living Survey showed that Abu Dubai (67) was ranked the most expensive city in the Gulf region after Dubai fell 26 places to be ranked at number 81 out of 214 cities covered.

Other cities across the GCC were ranked as follows: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (135), Manama, Bahrain (157), Kuwait City, Kuwait (159), Doha, Qatar (164), Muscat, Oman (184) and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (185).

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Posted by: Omar

What an off-balanced report. Dubai remains one of the world's most expensive cities. No hotel room in the desert less than 150$- 2bed apt no less than 24,000$, Dewa is not cheap,even gas budget is relatively high since metro lines are still limited for use and buses have very long trips making them inefficient. restaurants are not cheap at all. schooling?!healthcare?!even internet connection is high!of course, Dubai remains cheaper than central London or Paris or Manhattan or Tokyo yet prices are high in Dubai, very high by all global standards. It's known anywhee on earth than Dubai is for wealthy people.

Posted by: Faqir

@ Prasannan, if so whats preventing you from packing and leaving to a least expensive city? If the guest isn't happy with his host, he should exit in the same dignified manner he entered.

Posted by: Bob ex Dxb

@Bob ex Shj/Dxb

coincidence much? I left Dxb about then after shuttering my co resulting in 7 redundancies. What a relief I say.

Posted by: charles

if you don't like guests, dont invite them

Posted by: Bob ex Sharjah/Dubai

Faqir, almost two years ago I did exactly as you and others have recommended. It was very difficult to own and operate a business there. Because of that I made the decision to shut down my business in Dubai and moved it to Singapore resulting in three Emiratis and twelve Asian employees unemployed. I also transferred six "expats" with me. I should have listened earlier to people that had your attitude and moved sooner than I did. It appears you don't want to make your country better.

Posted by: Milton Tan

Kuala Lumpur (74th position) is more expensive than Dubai (94th position)? That is impossible! Eg. One KFC dinner set in KL is approximately Dh13. How much is in Dubai, Dh18 or Dh20 maybe? Get my point?

Posted by: MMM

KL salaries are much lower than Dubai's. Fact

Posted by: Marijke

That depends on how they calculate which city is the most expensive. If prices are compared to the average income and buying power, rather than just looknig at the price of something. I don't find Dubai an expensive city, I have more money to spend than I do in the Netherlands, where I am from. And that has not only to do with the fact that in Holland prices have gone up like mad, but I earn more here as well.

Posted by: Prasannan

It is the otherway around

Posted by: Menon

The details provided by this survey is absaloutly contradicting with the reality. Having visited most of these palces and also resided in many of this cities with reasonable standard living, i cannot concur with the fact that doha is cheaper than dubai or bahrain or ksa?

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