Hidden speed cameras to launch in Dubai on July 15

Traffic chief reveals new initiative in effort to catch 'arrogant' motorists.

Hidden speed radars will be set up in Dubai in the latest initiative to catch "arrogant" motorists, it was reported on Monday.

The cameras will soon hang from trees, electrical poles or even bridges, capturing speeding drivers, without the flash of a camera bulb to alert.

Fifteen of the radars, which can detect and shoot speeding cars from 150 metres away, are being tested before being rolled out from July 15, Brigadier Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, director of General Department of Traffic, said in comments published by Khaleej Times.

“Motorists must oblige with the specified speed limit on Dubai’s internal roads and highways or they will be nabbed by gun radars which would help police catch the ‘arrogant’ drivers who don’t comply with the speed limits,” Al Zafin told the paper.

“The gun radars will be available anywhere, either in police patrols, trees, near electricity poles at bridges or in the middle of the road,” he added

Al Zafin said many motorists have been caught already but action won’t be taken against motorists caught on the radars during the trials.

From July 15, anyone who is caught will face fines of up to AED2,000 and eight black points with motorists having their licence suspended if they pick up a total 24 points for speeding.

The radars will also be distributed in residential areas with specific areas identified as in need of monitoring, the paper reported.

By the end of 2009, 1,000 radars will be monitoring Dubai’s roads.

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Posted by: Vernon kamath

This is a very good move by Dubai police/ RTA. However it would be better if the fines are calculated in a relative manner. If 10Km above the cut off barrier , fines should be 200 and double the fine every 5 kms .

Posted by: samar

Overtaking is necessary in driving. A motorist can never drive in one line for ever. When a vehicles is driving at 80 and the road speed is 120, it would be stupid to stay in the same line following him/her. As long as you give signal and change lanes, there is no problem in that. I can never drive behind a driver at 100 at the last lane while he talking on the mobile phone or writing SMS and the speed is 120. He should go to the next lane not me, but usually they don't. Will the new radars catch people like this? I doubt that.

Posted by: Ali Saleh

To risk your life as well as others by reckless and speedy driving is evidence to me of uncivilised behavior, and should be tackled by the media, mosques and every avenue possible.

Posted by: danny lau

Salik should play a role here by using the existing infrastructure to record from each salik gates the "time" of every car passing through. With the police radar in place, couple by Salik would allow better deterrent solution.

Posted by: Jean Pierre

The topic is not the speed limit or the hidden cameras. More important is to have people able to read and understand that 80 limit means exactly that and not just a colourful panel on the road indicating contradictory figures. Adding lanes on highways is increasing the problems and not helping reduce congestion or traffic. Interpretation and planning is the name of the game. When a truck has a limit of 80kph and find it very natural to overtake you with 130, then you have a problem. Residents of upper end communities, who believe are better educated than others are the one driving 80and 100 in a speed limited Zone of 40. Inside compounds, speed is set at 25, but Taxis(and residents) find 60 OK. Police should be more present on the roads and fine(on the spot). Drivers in the UAE should realise that undertaking is against the law, driving on hard shoulder also, and the list can go on and on. RTA should stop widening highways and more look at how channeling traffic through dedicated lane, more U turn opportunities and more law enforcing staff. If you are in a hurry, drive reasonably slow and you will be on time. Most of the jams are caused not because of the quantity of vehicles on the Road but due to changing lanes, overspeeding and wrong predictions. I am experiencing each day the fact that limiting my speed from springs to business bay bridge at a max speed of 100kph, I reached my destination 5 to 7 minutes earlier than a colleague driving a sports car a making it a point to be the first at each traffic light, overtaking(or undertaking) where he think he can..etc... and his is an experience performed on a 7 months basis. Ready for a try????

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