Titus van der Merf

Titus van der Merf

Industry: Travel & Hospitality

Company: The Parker Company M.E. FZ LLC

Designation: Managing Director, The Parker Company (Middle East) FZ LLC

Country: United Arab Emirates

Occupation: Managing Director, The Parker Company (Middle East) FZ LLC

Having successfully turned The Parker Company (Middle East) FZ LLC from a local entity into one of the region’s leading hospitality procurement businesses, Titus van der Werf enters the Power 50 at number 47.

After 13 years with the company, four as a managing partner, van der Werf today continues to ensure that The Parker Company offers value-for-money components, while meeting the expectations of the region’s hotel developers and operators.

The key, he explains, is to be assertive, flexible and to understand the needs and wishes of the firm’s clients. Van der Werf says trust, confidence and respect are all vital components of a successful business and sees himself as both a coach and conductor when it comes to dealing with his staff.

Had hospitality procurement not been Van der Werf’s calling, he claims he would have liked to have been an architect; however, not wanting to move too far away from his profession, he admits he would have liked to specialise in hotel planning and development.

The self-confessed fan of train-travel loves a challenge; outside of the procurement industry van der Werf has a passion for sailing and the former Dutch RAF officer has proven himself a real-life action man having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.