How to choose the perfect diamond

Precious gems come in all shapes and sizes so here is our simple guide to help you find exactly what you need

People, like diamonds, have many facets and every individual is unique in the way they express themselves.  Here in the Gulf there has been a growing trend for high-end jewellery customisation as more and more people invest in individuality and strive for something a bit more unique.

We asked JF Diamonds, which is currently working for a member of the Saudi royal family, for their advice about what type of diamond to buy.

Whether it is for a special occasion or to your treat yourself, finding the right diamond can be a tricky business.

When selecting the perfect bling, it’s all about the four C’s: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat:

1. Cut

Two elements are involved in choosing the perfect cut and they determine the diamond’s brilliance and shape. A diamond needs to be cut to the most ideal and accurate proportions. If it’s too deep or shallow the light escapes from the diamond’s facets.

Shape, on the other hand, is utterly dependant on your taste and individual desires. The most precious cuts are Princess, which is a perfect square, and the Round Brilliant, where a gemcutter can retain more of the original crystal and its authentic qualities.

2. Clarity

Clarity refers to the purity of a diamond, which is identified by the grade. Most diamonds have surface blemishes known as “inclusions” and can be seen with a x10 magnifying glass.

A stone’s Gemological Institute of America (GIA) report, which should be available upon request from a jeweller, represents the highest standard of reliability and cannot be tampered with.

An FL or IF grade stands for Flawless. VVS1 or VVS2 indicates the presence of tiny inclusions, which are not visible to the untrained eye, even when using a magnifying glass. VS1 and VS2 grades may have minor inclusions which are not visible to the naked eye but may be seen with a magnifying glass.

3. Colour

The highest-quality diamonds are colourless, but most diamonds have a slight yellow tint that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is what you need to look for in the sparkler’s report card:

D, E & F are the rarest form of diamonds, they indicate full purity.

G, H & I are near colourless and the yellow tint cannot be detected.

K, L & M have a very faint yellow hue.

Anything further in the letters of the alphabet and you will clearly see a yellowish stain.

Some diamonds have especially deep and vibrant hues to go with their exceptionally steep prices. These are called “Fancy Colour Diamonds” and have a grading system of their own, also done by GIA. Canary Yellow Diamond or Purplish Pink are scarce, beautiful and certainly make a strong style statement, but command a premium price.

4. Carat Weight

The bigger it is, the more you will pay, but the size is not an indication of quality, but simply a matter of budget. It is important to compare stones of similar characteristics when determining prices.

If you want to customise your entire diamond jewellery piece, make sure you head to a reputable and renowned consultant. JF Diamonds, founded by John France, an Italian designer specialised in fine jewellery and diamond consulting, offers bespoke customised pieces that can be tailor-made to any specification.

France is a gemologist and designer, and will fly anywhere in the world for a one-on-one consultation upon request. He is known to source the highest-quality diamonds and materials to create a one-off piece according to individual specification. The hand-crafted jewels, however, come at a premium price of $150,000 and vary according to the design and specification.

JF Diamonds are currently working for a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal family, and will be showing pieces at Fürstenberg Castle in the upcoming months.

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I love the 4 C's...they make things relatively simple. That being said I do subscribe to the theory that a diamond is basically a piece of coal that has handled stress well :)

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