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Arabian Business has put together nine business leaders from a variety of sectors, to form the Arabian Business Think Tank (ABTT).

We have created five questions for the panel to make exact numerical forecasts on:

  • The index value of the Dubai Financial Market
  • The index value of the Saudi Tadawul Market
  • The price of a an apartment on the Palm Jumeriah in Dubai
  • The price of an ounce of gold
  • The value of the euro against the dirham


The average answer for each question is then taken to create the forecast, against the current value. 

Individual responses and comments will not be revealed, but we will publish the general comments made as part of the analysis.

Every two months, the ABTT will again be asked the same five questions, and again their responses used to create forecasts.

The answers published are not scientific, but intended as a guide to the thinking of senior business leaders on the key economic issues.


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Think Tank

Think Tank

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