How to stay fit while travelling this summer

The seven best ways to keep healthy wherever you are
By Salma Awwad
Tue 17 Jun 2014 09:30 AM

Whether for business or leisure, maintaining a fitness regime whilst travelling can be a challenging endeavour. But with a few small steps, you can go a long way to upkeep your physique, optimise your productivity and ensure that you don’t return home lacking in energy and wellbeing.

Guillaume Mariole from Ignite fitness & wellness, shares with us some top tips on remaining in shape however much you travel throughout this summer.

1- Plan Ahead: Check out hotel websites before making a reservation to ensure you stay somewhere with a gym. Many hotels also offer fitness classes and / or detailed nearby running routes so you can explore the surrounding area whilst expelling some of those feel-good hormones!  If your preferred choice has no fitness facilities, ask whether they can organise a free or discounted pass at a local gym.

2- Pack Smart: If you travel regularly at a short notice, keep a drawer for your fitness essentials. If you have your workout gear close to hand when doing a last-minute pack, you will be less likely to forget anything and more likely to make an effort on arrival when you unpack it at your destination.

3- Eat what you need: Business trips and vacations are often calorie-laden affairs with hotel breakfasts, executive lunches and lavish dinners.  Keep the indulgence to the minimum by filling up on vegetables and lean protein wherever possible. Throughout the day, keep some healthy snacks close by, such as almonds or dried fruit. Lastly, stay well hydrated to keep hunger at bay and help combat fatigue and jet lag.

4- Mix It Up: Don’t worry about not keeping up the same type or intensity of exercise that you would at home.  Mixing it up is effective and keeps you motivated; a 15 minute room-based session with a resistance band or skipping rope, for example, will work both your upper and lower body, giving you maximum benefits in minimum time.  If in the gym, switch regularly between cardio and strength training to maximise the number of calories burnt.

5- Light & Easy: Wear quick drying workout gear whenever possible.  It weighs little and can easily be washed and hung to dry in your room.

6- Keep moving: En route to and from your destination, you can take various steps to minimise the disruption to your routine.  During a long flight, get up and walk around regularly, stay well hydrated and take along some nutritious snacks.  Better still, when you check in on-line, opt for a healthy meal option to cut back on the usual preservative-filled airline food.

7- Just another day: Remember that despite being in a foreign city, following a different routine and living in unfamiliar surroundings, it is still another working day, part of a working week, so make an effort to practice the same habits you would during a working week at home and try to go to bed at roughly the same time.

Armed with these tips, there really is no excuse.  Countless studies have shown a positive link between keeping fit on business and your underlying productivity and performance. Besides, it’ll make you feel great!

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