How will gold prices perform in 2013?


any comments from Mr.Nik Kalsi on the downward slide in gold prices ? As usual, the analyst is dead wrong.


This is a very insightful article and I agree, gold should be viewed as 'risk-on' asset and it's future will be determined by global political and economic news. It's not a surprise most of the world has been in a mess for the past 12 years and gold has risen. Things will not get better for a long-time and golds value will carry on going up.

Jack Murphy

The Wallstreet Banksters (Fed and ECB) are flooding the world with worthless Cyber-Money.

They have taken the real world (commodities, stock markets etc) as booty by paying with "created non-value currencies = $ & ? ".

When this blown-up ponzi-scam comes to a screaching halt a world-wide currency revaluation will take place and there will be only one currency remaining with value: GOLD.

Abdul hafeez Sheikh

Gold uses have been diversified recently We should not see Godl as precious metal only , The use of Gold in various industries as raw material will always keep the price on rise .Therefore the price of gold can not be attributed directly as condition of economy , as its has other uses and demand and supply determines the price of gold like other metals

Peter Doherty

Incisive analysis Mr Kalsi. So you see no big recovery from the US economy (that traditionally keeps gold in check?) No mention of Euro crisis. Greece have exceeded expectations and remain in the Euro, contrary to the predictions of leading US Economists. Do you think a recovery in the Eurozone would impact favourably on gold?

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