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Hitachi launches world’s first Blu-ray camcorder in the UAE

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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

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Eros Group, one of the leading players in consumer electronics, telecom and allied multi-products in the Middle East region, has introduced the world's first Blu-ray Hybrid camcorder in the UAE.

The DZ-BD7HSW is Hitachi's flagship BluRay - Hard Disk Drive Hybrid model which incorporates Blu-ray disc recording capability and a 30 gigabyte (GB) Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The integrated 30GB HDD can record approximately four hours of Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 video (HX mode) or up to eight hours of HD 1,440 x 1,080 video (HS mode).

In addition, with a simple push of a button, it can copy the contents from HDD to BD within the camcorder itself, a major convenience feature for on-the-go consumers who can now bypass external devices (PCs, docking stations, etc) altogether to quickly dub a movie video. Easy editing functions such as split, delete and connect can also be made right in the camcorder before using the 1-touch dubbing function to burn Blu-ray disc copies.

Beyond the ability to transfer high definition video from the HDD to Blu-ray discs, there is also a new trans-coding feature which allows users to select high definition video stored on the HDD to be transferred to standard definition DVD copies using the 1-touch dubbing feature and family members who may not yet own a Blu-ray playback device.

The Hybrid Camcorder also allows video to be recorded in standard definition quality to DVD discs (DVD-R/-RW/-RAM/+R/+RW). Lifelike image reproduction and rich, immersive color are a result of Hitachi's 5.3 mega pixel CMOS image sensor and HD quality 12-element lens system.

Commenting on the launch of the new model, Mr. Niranjan Gidwani, Senior Vice President, Eros Group, said, "We are extremely proud to bring the world's first Blu-ray Hybrid Camcorder to the UAE market. Hitachi is well known for having introduced the world's first DVD camcorder in 2000, and last year we introduced the world's first Hybrid camcorder with a DVD drive and a Hard Disk Drive. These products have been hugely popular and award winning. The Blu-ray Camcorders represent the ultimate in hi-definition video recording and flexibility. With this launch, Hitachi & Eros Group continue its long-standing tradition of being first to market with landscape-changing consumer electronics products in the UAE."

With the ability to record in high definition, standard definition and to six different disc formats plus hard drive, it provides consumers with valuable options and a "future-proof" solution when choosing a camcorder. State-of-the-Art Blu-ray Camcorder Features Based on Hitachi Technological Breakthroughs.

8cm BD/DVD Drive -  A compact, low power consuming, quiet and highly reliable 8cm BD/DVD drive which is compatible with five types of industry standard discs: BD-RE/-R, DVD-RAM/-RW/-R. The drive has two optical pick-ups for BD and DVD and a flat pick-up with compact aberration correction function for BD.

High Definition, Distortion-less Lens - The camcorder features a 10x zoom, non-spherical lens that helps keep the form factor especially compact. The lens is multi-coated to prevent reflection, flare or ghost images, and it has gradation ND (neutral density) filter to prevent degrading of resolution caused by aperture of the iris.

CMOS Image Sensor - The Hitachi camcorder features a 5.3 mega pixel CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensor capable of capturing the true nature of an object by reading the pixel area at a very rapid speed. This is essential for HD video imaging. Approximately 4.32 mega pixel still photos can be recorded on a SD memory card.

Full Connectivity and Playback Options - An HDMI port is included to maximize the HD experience when viewing directly to provide seamless communication for watching or editing on your computer and Blu-ray discs can be viewed on a number of supported players, including video game consoles.

Simple and Innovative Designs
- The new BluRay Hybrid Camcorder is also distinguished from conventional camcorders by a smooth-flowing, elegant and innovative design. The large-aperture lens expresses the camcorders' high quality. The sleek, round body is a unique Hitachi motif that is particularly eye-catching, especially for consumers with an appreciation of artful aesthetics. A portion of the camcorder is UV coated to protect the body from scratches and to maintain its luster.

Interactive User Guide

The camcorder comes with an Interactive Guide built-in so that even people who have never used a camcorder can quickly begin using and enjoying the device. The product is available at all Eros Digital Home outlets & leading electronic stores in the UAE.

Notes and contacts

About Eros Group

Eros Group is one of the leading distributors and retailers in consumer electronics, digital products, telecom, air conditioning and allied multi products in the Middle East Region. The Group distributes brands like Samsung, Hitachi, Taurus, etc.

Eros Digital Home is the retail wing of Eros Group with over 21 retail locations strategically spread across UAE. Eros has its own well equipped infrastructure for logistics, an excellent set up for service and an up-to-date IT system in place.

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Jumana Aman

Watermelon PR

971 4 2833655



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