Indian attacked by Emirati 'should have fought back'

Top Dubai cultural official says man in YouTube clip should have defended himself, while Emirati attacker was a "mad man"

The official responsible for promoting cultural understanding in Dubai said an Indian driver who was beaten by an Emirati in an attack that was filmed and posted on YouTube should have fought back.

Shaikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding general manager Nasif Kayed said the Emirati filmed repeatedly punching the Indian for about 90 seconds after what appears to be a minor car accident was a “mad man” and the victim should have moved out of the way.

‘’In a sense you stop the attack rather than just sit there and allow someone else [to] hale on you,” Kayed told Arabian Business.

“[Instead of] being passive and doing nothing as you are being attacked, you could get out of the way of a mad man. Over all you can't return wrong with wrong but you should try and stop it.’’

Kayed said all parties were at fault, not only the Emirati.

“The way the man burst out in anger was uncalled for, the other man should have stopped the fight instead of filming it, and the Indian man should have defended himself and tried to stop [the assault],” he told Gulf News.

He also did not believe the attack had tarnished the image of Emiratis in general, despite a video of the incident going viral and being watched by tens of thousands of people internationally.

“The UAE is a collage of cultures that are blended together, and that peacefully live with each other. You cannot judge a whole society by the actions of an individual… and I don’t think the video has tarnished the image of Emiratis. Everyone must stand up for their own actions,” Kayed said.

“It is a pity because we are an imperfect species and all have our weaknesses, and [the Emirati’s] weakness is that he was unable to control his temper. Everyone has the option to do wrong or to do right, and in this case, he failed miserably in controlling his anger.”

The Emirati was later identified as a senior UAE official. He was detained for a short period and charged with assault but charges were later dropped.

The man who filmed the incident also faced charges after the Emirati’s son complained of defamation. Those charges also were later dropped.

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Posted by: Adam Mo

I wish senior Arab officials and police would stop trying to defend the actions of wrongdoing Arabs. The Indian being attacked is a VICTIM. The Arab attacking is the CRIMINAL. Admit it when you are wrong!

The Indian did not retaliate because he was either scared of the consequences and/or not a violent person - either way what he did (nothing) was the right thing to do Islamically - he showed restraint and patience.

The Arab on the other hand..well shouldn't he have been setting an example of what a good Muslim should do? Maybe he could learn a few things from the Indian he was assaulting.

Posted by: Hisham

Tell that to Trayvon Martin... Or Amadou Diallo. Oh wait, you can't! Their fate was a hell of a lot worse than this Indian guy's. 'Murrican self-righteousness always seems to put it's best foot forward once the word Ay-raab is dropped in a negative sense. Even IF you would manage to control the 310 million!!!!!!!! guns on your streets it would still be a million times safer here!

Posted by: Citizen of UAE

Fights take place in most civilised countries of the world! Why is everyone so surprised at the Emarati and the Indian fight? The UAE is a country where we live with more than 200 nationalities in peace, once in a while such things do occur, why are we so overwhelmed by it? This is a behavior where anger has superseded the rational behavior. I am not encouraging
that UAE citizens should engage in such a behavior, not at all, but UAE citizens are human and somee will act aggressively in a given circumstances! But eventually they will be dealt with by the law enforcement agencies. So please stop characterizing people and circumstances! Every city in the world has people who behave aggressively, in one way or the other! They will always be dealt with, trust me!

Posted by: Paris

This is the point! As Tony stated, this not about the incident but how people were treated afterwards. Somehow, the victim and the person filming the incident became the criminals - and the real criminal walked away. No consequences after beating the Indian driver - where is the justice.......???

Posted by: tony

Yes fights do take place everywhere in the world, but usually both parties are treated equally. However, in the UAE being a local makes a big difference and it means you can get away with a lot of things.

Posted by: Mark X

All, This incident is really nothing in comparison to many abuses being committed by some very high profile personnel including people from the Law & Order Agencies - i.e. Police. I was shocked to see some U Tube Videos brought to my notice by another person. These days it is very easy to find information, just google it. You will be shocked - not at the abuses but by the people committing these.

Happens in almost every country.

Posted by: IGK

Shaikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding should compensate the victim. This gesture of good in Ramadan will enhance the image of Dubai.

Posted by: kofo

I salute the Indian Driver for his Humility cos it would have been a different story if he retaliated and the Emirati fainted or collapse God forbid.What a big headline.The G.M of Shk Mohd Culture and Understanding should be encouraged to tow the line of peace and be cautious with words.Highly disappointed that he can make that statement .

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