Indian attacked by Emirati 'should have fought back'

Top Dubai cultural official says man in YouTube clip should have defended himself, while Emirati attacker was a "mad man"

Adam Mo

I wish senior Arab officials and police would stop trying to defend the actions of wrongdoing Arabs. The Indian being attacked is a VICTIM. The Arab attacking is the CRIMINAL. Admit it when you are wrong!

The Indian did not retaliate because he was either scared of the consequences and/or not a violent person - either way what he did (nothing) was the right thing to do Islamically - he showed restraint and patience.

The Arab on the other hand..well shouldn't he have been setting an example of what a good Muslim should do? Maybe he could learn a few things from the Indian he was assaulting.


Tell that to Trayvon Martin... Or Amadou Diallo. Oh wait, you can't! Their fate was a hell of a lot worse than this Indian guy's. 'Murrican self-righteousness always seems to put it's best foot forward once the word Ay-raab is dropped in a negative sense. Even IF you would manage to control the 310 million!!!!!!!! guns on your streets it would still be a million times safer here!

Citizen of UAE

Fights take place in most civilised countries of the world! Why is everyone so surprised at the Emarati and the Indian fight? The UAE is a country where we live with more than 200 nationalities in peace, once in a while such things do occur, why are we so overwhelmed by it? This is a behavior where anger has superseded the rational behavior. I am not encouraging
that UAE citizens should engage in such a behavior, not at all, but UAE citizens are human and somee will act aggressively in a given circumstances! But eventually they will be dealt with by the law enforcement agencies. So please stop characterizing people and circumstances! Every city in the world has people who behave aggressively, in one way or the other! They will always be dealt with, trust me!


This is the point! As Tony stated, this not about the incident but how people were treated afterwards. Somehow, the victim and the person filming the incident became the criminals - and the real criminal walked away. No consequences after beating the Indian driver - where is the justice.......???


Yes fights do take place everywhere in the world, but usually both parties are treated equally. However, in the UAE being a local makes a big difference and it means you can get away with a lot of things.

Mark X

All, This incident is really nothing in comparison to many abuses being committed by some very high profile personnel including people from the Law & Order Agencies - i.e. Police. I was shocked to see some U Tube Videos brought to my notice by another person. These days it is very easy to find information, just google it. You will be shocked - not at the abuses but by the people committing these.

Happens in almost every country.


Shaikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding should compensate the victim. This gesture of good in Ramadan will enhance the image of Dubai.


I salute the Indian Driver for his Humility cos it would have been a different story if he retaliated and the Emirati fainted or collapse God forbid.What a big headline.The G.M of Shk Mohd Culture and Understanding should be encouraged to tow the line of peace and be cautious with words.Highly disappointed that he can make that statement .

M. A. Raheem

Nasif Kayed giving non sense explanation this is 100% mistake of Emirati, this is common this is only one filmed out of millions incidents took place in GCC, Nasif Kayed should watch the video again the guy who came in between this Emirati pushes his hand and not listening to him how come if the guy who is filmed the scene will interfere will be left by this Emirati?

Bruce Stahman

Why didn't he fight back to defend himself? Probably in his country he would have.
But what a lot of us here don't understand is the prevailing mentality of "submissiveness" amongst blue-collared workers. Because of poverty, they went here so they can send money to their families back home to survive. They are conditioned to just accept without complaint whatever is presented to them, even to the point of being maltreated and humiliated and loose their self-respect. Most of them don't want to create further complications/trouble so they won't be deported.

For me, that guy actually showed more character by not resorting to violence.


Tony has rightly said.
I have a similar sort of experience but during an road accident.
I was hit by young arab speaking lady who wanted to go straight at the R/A where she was approaching the R/A through the inner lane while I was on second lane to exit left from R/A(at a 03 lane R/A). She accelerated to pass me and eventually severely hit my jeep's front-left corner.
But after all(it's a bit long story to mention here...), I got a fine.


I am a European passport holder with a very well paid job living in Dubai. IF I was ever attacked by an Emirati (of course when I say attack, I mean with fists and not knives or guns), I would most probably not hit back. Who knows, hitting an Emirati (esp. with no witness or cameras) can mean that the Emirati just tells the judge that it was I who hit him first. It would be his word against mine, and I would end up in jail.


If I was the person attacked, I would have replied in kind same time regardless of when, why, who, where and not thinking too much about repercussions. If there is life & honor, then I can defend or face anything later. My conscious should be clear, neither I will harm anyone nor accept harm for myself. Give respect and take respect.


People are afraid of humans more than God. Non-violence every time is not useful. Tit for tat is necessary, sometimes. Ulevpri and other when you hit back your loved ones if they hurt you, then why so much compassion for any stranger who is publicly humiliating? Just because he is a local or it is simply that you are afraid and now finding excuses and justification for your timidity in similar instances earlier.


The Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 slogan was "Dubai at its Best"... and in this case? Rarely, as this should have been a crystal clear case but it seems that the well accepted and adopted fact is that the law is different for the locals. Is this the message Dubai wants to send out?


Hisham, all the facts are on the table and filmed. There is no room for misunderstanding in this case. This is not a racial issue but a simple case where a guy was beating another guy. And yes, it can happen anywhere but the way how the beater got away with everything is not right.


Conveniently you leave out the fact that people are treated differently based on where they are from in your own backyard. For example, if an Arab guy were to get into a fight with a white French guy, there is a huge chance the police would react in favor of the white French guy and the judge would rule in his favor as well. The same goes for African-Americans in the US. These are facts for which numerous amounts of prove has been provided through research in the last 3 decades. There is a 45% chance an Arab in France will get a higher sentence for the same crime. The fact remains that this is a guy beating another guy. Where he is from or what nationality should not be the issue, and is in fact the sole reason this has been getting so much attention. I am repeating myself here, but who would've cared if some non-Emirati would have beaten another non-Emirati guy?


Contrarary, I am a big fan of Dubai. It's not about the incident itself and this can happen anywhere in the world. This is all about how it was handled afterwards. This needs improvement and more logic. Also, the tourism efforts in Dubai are world class but it has to be a 360 degree effort to reach the future goals and numbers. Constructive criticism and open discussions are part of it.


You are blowing this thing way out of proportion. Things like this happen everywhere, not just in UAE. People over react when they upset or cannot control their temper, i'm sure its not the first time and will not be the last time. If the victim would've pressed charges it would have been a different story. Blame the victim for not pressing charge, not the accused. Paris, i think you are just advertising for tourism to paris from your comments, all your comments are attacking dubai's tourism ideas.


Let a couple of more incidents of this type come up again , let the world know the real Dubai. Like the dress code , be careful of bashing up or run over by the cittizens of UAE.

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