Inside Dubai’s latest health and fitness revolution: Salt and Shock therapy

Do muscle stimulators and salt therapy work?

To me, it felt like I was being zapped with electrical currents that were delivered to my body via a “wet-suit” as I was talked through basic fitness maneuvers. But to many, this is an effective and efficient form of exercise that whips your body into shape in just 20 short minutes and is equivalent to 90 minutes of regular exercise.

In all fairness, I did feel and see the effect on my body right away. Although I walked out of my session bewildered as to what just took place, sore muscles and toned thighs appeared the following day and lingered for another two.

The proper term for this therapy is “Electro Muscle Stimulation” or EMS, which has made its way to Dubai through The First Salt Room in JLT.

Upon arrival at the center, I was handed cotton skin-tight training clothes, then firmly strapped into a moistened vest, a pair of arm and thigh wraps and a glute band (strap placement varies according to your work-out needs).

The moistened armour was connected through long bright red and blue wires to a machine which adjusts the electrical current that gets delivered to designated areas of your body.

It took me a while to adjust to the sensation. If you don’t have much fat on you to begin with, this could prove to be a painful experience. But on the more “cautioned” parts of your body, the feeling is very much muted; that is until you start contracting these muscles.

The idea behind EMS is that all muscle groups are exercised at the same time. Approximately 40 micro contractions take place per second rather than per set. And the basic exercises carried during the training also stimulate your muscles, yielding a total 36000 muscle contractions over the entire body in the 20 minutes of allotted time.

This fitness revolution promises calorie burning, weight loss, elimination of cellulite toned abs and other targeted muscles, stimulation of harder to train supporting muscles and defeating obesity.

Medically, this device has been successfully used for patients who require muscle re-education, relaxation of muscle spasms, an increased range of motion and prevention of muscle atrophy. But is it an effective way to achieving that “six-pack”?

While EMS is a very interesting and alternative way to approaching a tedious exercise regime, it is not the “magic-pill” to all your fitness ailments. You need to give your muscles time to recover in between sessions and you need to pair the therapy with an old-school workout and diet adjustments for effective results.

To go hand-in hand with their alternative health and fitness revolution, The First Salt Room also offers Halo Therapy, aka: salt.

This is a natural way to combat common respiratory ailments such as allergies, asthma, coughs, colds, ear infections and inflammations of the throat, tonsils and lymph nodes.

First Salt Room successfully replicates the century old remedy by mimicking the microclimate of a salt cave. All you have to do is enjoy relaxing for 40 minutes (focus on deep-breathing to get the maximum benefits) as you let the hypo-bacterial and allergen-free air fill your lungs.

Inhalation of salt aerosol has been clinically proven to cleanse the respiratory system of the human body and to speed up elimination of toxins, while natural therapies are always a safe and superior alternative to mild conditions and prevention.

So would I go through this experience again? Probably not any time soon, but I can see why this would appeal to many people and would recommend the Halo Therapy to someone with allergies in Dubai. It’s definitely worth a shot.

*Halo Therapy starts at AED 230 and EMS at AED 150. Packages available for both.

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Posted by: Asharaf

I tried EMS workout at other day at JLT. its has a sort of ticklish sensation, but i can honestly say that i havent felt my muscle like that since college. I even felt some muscles that I never knew existed.:)..overall great workout!

Posted by: A.A. Furqan

So pretty much, it is the same sensation as sticking your finger in the socket at home... :))

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