Iran urges Arabs to give Gaza military aid

Parliament speaker says Arabs should follow Iran's example and supply military muscle

James Huntley

Now look who is talking! Two nations can never be trusted in this region, Iran & Israel and anyone who trusts them is detrimentally naive. Both countries are a major source of unrest and instability in the Middle East and everyone should be very wary of trusting them.


Gentlemen, you simply forget that nothing gets in to Gaza and the West Bank unless it clears Israeli customs. Medical aid can not get through what chance do you think sophisticated military hardware has? Also the current situation in Palestine suits a lot of the parties regionally. otherwise with the resources and the wealth in the Arab world the problem would have been resolved decades ago.


Most of Israel's military budget is through America...even the current showcase of Iron Dome is proudly proclaimed American funded.

Then why not Palestinian? This will create deterrence against such aggression. Israel currently knows that it can provoke and use huge force and in return Palestinian can do much less damage.

Arms is for deterrence and is needed.

Peace is needed, but cannot be at the sufferings of Palestinian by Nuclear armed Israelites.


Iran has the luxury of a large population and vast natural resources, plus the fact that it never was perceived to be a real threat to the West or Israel. Vocally Iran makes noise against Israel, but that is a tiff between friends and a dispute over dominance over the region. It is true that it provided technology of an inferior weapon, which was marginally effective, but in the final analysis, no one can face up to Israel militarily and this sad event was simply used to showcase the effectiveness of Israel's anti missile defence capabilities. The Arabs should try to unify the Palestians and provide them with means to improve their livelihoods. With good will and time, things may take off after that.


Nations are supposed to help the Palestinian Arabs unite, not whether they are our Muslim brothers sisters, let us help Gaza against Israel, including terrorist acts Isarel is, if the Arab nations such as Iran, Egypt, Turkey, emirate, libiya, saudi arabia military aid for Palestinian unity it is best to protect his sisters.


What is your classification of "Arabs"? Are you aware of the fact that there are Arabs and Turks living in Iran too? It's interesting that you would consider Algerians, Moroccans and Egyptians as the same ethnic group as Saudis and Emaratis but Iranians and Turks are considered different. The right terminology would be "Muslim" nations.


Hi idos, I think both Turkish and Iranians amy not agree with your classification as Arabs. I am left to wonder if you are a troll trying to make muslims look like terrorists or simply too clueless about the differences between Arab (ethnic) and Muslim (religious)
You should know better as Indonesia has the largest muslim population and it clearly is not an Arab country.
Interesting also that you are suggesting that terrorism activities should be carried and AB has no problem printing the message. Mine will probably not.

Shafqur Rahman

Thank you Mr. Ali Larijani, what you said it is correct and Arab Countries should accept this and rescue Gaza from Israili terrorism.

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