It's time for restaurants to stop shaming smokers

Comment: Isn’t everyone entitled to a nice night out?


Comparing Driving to Smoking is the most shameless ploy to convince people that we should not persecute smokers.

If your vehicle hits someone, they can be remunerated through your insurance. But how can I be compensated when I get sick because of your second-hand smoke?


If restaurants want to cater to smokers then thats fine, they can attract a smoking clientele, and that is their right, however they would loose me as a non smoker as I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke in the air or on my clothes an would take my business to a non smoking restaurant..

It just depends in the end on economics, one non smokers outnumber smokers, then the balance will fall in favour of the larger market..

we all have a choice where we spend our money in the end.. rather than play the victim


So why should I get home smelling badly and putting my family at risk because somebody else is addicted to inhaling a bad substance? Really a 1960s way of thinking!


Having designated smoking areas in buildings is like having designated peeing areas in swimming pools.
Perhaps rather than complaining that you didn't get to sit in the nice bit of whatever overpriced venue you wanted to parade around in, you could just, you know, give up smoking? Or stay at home if you can't enjoy yourself without a cigarette.


What an absolutely ridiculous argument. You're trying to compare driving and eating fatty foods to smoking? Driving (a) provides benefits to billions of people - i.e. transport of people and goods; and (b) we DO punish bad drivers with fines, points and even prison. Eating fatty foods (a) has no impact on others; and (b) can still be healthy if part of a proper diet/health regimen.

Smoking provides no overall benefit to society, is not punished (except for smoking prohibited in many public areas), does have a negative impact on non-smokers in the vicinity of a smoker, and cannot really be described as something that is 'healthy in moderation' (there are some benefits, but healthcare professionals are largely unanimous that the risks of smoking outweigh the benefits).


A lot of people in the comment section seem to miss the idea in this article in my opinion.

The writer seems to demand a better care for smokers in their area. Just because smoking is restricted it does not mean a restaurant or a bar can offer a lower quality of table service and ventilation for smokers, as restaurant and bars should have a consistent quality in their areas and be prepared. Even the view in some restaurant is completely inaccessible to smokers if they want to sit in their designated areas. its about small details, no body is saying smoking isn't harmful.


Based on your comment, then for restaurant and cafe to provide a better facility for smokers - should it be fair for them to charge smokers more, to compensate their investment in additional infrastructure?

It will not be fair for non-smokers to pay extra for their food just because smokers wants to have a consistent quality in their area.


I think the writer of this article is definitely trolling the readers because this article made no sense whatsoever. "Everyone has taken the liberty to become the moral police when it comes to smokers." Then she goes on to provide car accidents and eating junk food as examples to justify smokers being entitled to "proper ventilation" and non-smokers are to be blamed for not leaving them be. Our parents and friends do tell us to not drive recklessly or to not eat bad. So the moral police argument is void for the smoking issue. Does this article take into consideration that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer by almost 20%-30% at home, workplace or frequently visited venues? So the masses including children must suffer from the actions of the few? Most developed countries don't allow smoking indoors for a reason. Horrible article.


I am a vehement non-smoker and suffer terrible headaches when exposed to smoke. If others want to smoke, let them, but restrict smoking to the enclosed areas the author describes so that the rest of us don't have to suffer as a result of their choices.
The author should be grateful she's not in Berkeley, CA, where you can not smoke in your car or in your rental property, not on the streets, any public space (including cafes, bars & restaurants) nor within 200ft of any doorway or entrance. And they most certainly don't allocate any smoking areas anywhere, like most of the world.


You mean Berkeley (The home of Freed Speech ) that now stifles Freedom of Speech and didn't allow Ann Coulter to speak. Your example is perfect for the over reached of the Regressive Left. You are free to do anything that I agree with. Dubai is a very free place and don't be bringing your restrictions to a wonderful place


Is this article supposed to be satirical?

Smoking is banned at all outlets in developed countries for a reason. We inhale all your smoke and end up stinking, including our children, whether you're smoking outside or at a designated area. I can even tell when my neighbor is smoking at villa across the street.

Enjoy the fact that you can even smoke in venues for now; it's only a matter of time before you'll have to step outside (hopefully sooner than later).

Rokan Rosso

Are you kidding me? In case you are not aware second hand smoke is just as harmful. I especially like that you referred to people looking out for their health as health fanatics.

Smoking should not be allowed in any indoor area. Especially one that is packed with people like restaurants and bars.

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