ITUC demands FIFA rerun 2022 World Cup vote

International Trade Union Confederation wants more workers’ rights in Qatar

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has appealed to football governing body FIFA to cancel Qatar’s right to host the 2022 World Cup and run a new vote that requires countries to include workers’ rights in their bid.

ITUC claimed in a statement that “hundreds of workers are dying and thousands more are injured in Qatar”.

The union claims that despite promises from FIFA and the Qatar government to improve standards nothing has changed.

In a statement released on Wednesday, ITUC general secretary Sharan Burrow said the organisation has written to FIFA calling on it to rerun the vote.

She said more than a million migrant workers were being exploited, were receiving “poverty” wages and were being denied basic human rights.

“This is not a move we take lightly. The 2022 World Cup was awarded years ahead of schedule, if a new venue is selected in the next two years there is still time for the infrastructure to be in place in time for the games,” Burrow said.

“FIFA must act now- the longer the delay, the more workers will suffer and die.

“FIFA and Qatar have spoken frequently about need for reform, but the record is rife with broken promises. The Qataris have pledged to ensure that international labour standards are met, while construction workers die at a rate eight times that of other rich countries.”

The union claims a leaked copy of a charter of workers’ rights written by the local organizing committee for the games contradicts Qatari law and fails to give workers rights or protection from slavery conditions.

The ITUC and Equal Times, an international campaigns website, are calling on international football federation members and football fans to pressure FIFA to change the venue for the 2022 World Cup unless workers’ rights are respected.

They said Qatar should maintain its candidacy for the 2022 event, but only win again if it can prove it has met global labour standards and stopped “treating the people building the World Cup facilities as slaves”.

The 2022 World Cup has been plagued with controversy since it was awarded to Qatar in December 2010.

There have been allegations of corruption and vote-buying among FIFA executives and concerns that extreme heat will endanger athletes.

On Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the Gulf country to ensure a reliable legal framework for companies bidding for the multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.

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Posted by: Ali Baba

@ Qatari: I think you need to get out of this bedouin/ghetto mentality and stop comparing one wrong to the other wrong. It may be the case that labor rights in Jalals country might not be good. But Qatar trying to set itself in the worlds stage needs to act little more humane when it comes to non-Qataris and most importantly non Arabs. Most of the elite in Khaleej are usually representated as Muslims in the world media, however, the truth couldn't be far from this. You guys are an embarassment to the Ummah and that needs to be addressed more and more.

Posted by: Qatari

@Exapt, "not through any efforts of the qataris themselves" <-- Jealousy ! get over it people. Qatari have been building their country before any expat knew where it was. We are blessed by our natural resources and our stable government, two things every person on this Earth can only dream of. I understand your hate, keep hating while we keep building our country.

Posted by: Expat

Qatari, your ignorance shines through in your comments. You keep talking about how your country has advanced but itwas not through any efforts of the qataris themselves. Your Country has been built by expats. And even then, you could only attract tier 2 talent at best. So, if God hadn't blessed you with resources, you wouldn't have had the funds to attract anyone. So drop the arrogance and start being grateful.

Posted by: Qatari

That's exactly what a jealous Asian/Anti-GCC would say, I have met many people who had this mentality, look at all the other comments from people who come from your region, you all have the same agenda. I am not sure how AB approved your comment when you said "bedouin/ghetto" mentality, but yeah my mentality does not allow me to go any lower to your level when arguing. You people just can't get the fact that the GCC countries developed so much in so little when your people are still living in the stone age. If you are really a person who fights for a cause of human/labor rights then you should start with your country.

Posted by: Qatari

ya minimum wage of $5 BEFORE TAX !

Posted by: Qatari

This Trade Union is only doing this so that the countries they represent get a share of the contracts that are given, all they want is money and all they have is jealousy. I never heard anyone mention anything about the labor conditions in South Africa, and they have never even talked about the labor conditions in Russia (which won the bid for 2016). Nike is operating in undeveloped countries and hiring child labors, at the same time their shares are being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This was never about human rights from the beginning, its all about the money that they are trying to get.

Posted by: Paolo C

Oh no! Fifa delegates must repay back their bribes? No more vacation in the Maldives? No more Ferrari rides? That's sad. I don't think the labour low wages is the real reason behind this.
Then we should stop buying products that come from India, China etc where the wages are even lower.

Posted by: Qatari

Exactly, the labor law wages is not the reason behind this, and like you said, if they are really committed to their cause then they should boycott India and China.

Posted by: Shehryar Iqbal

Please get your facts right , the minimum wage in the USA is NOT 5$ and they truly know the dignity of Labour and hardwork.
I completely agree that the decision to host 2022 World Cup in Qatar must be reviewed and correct measures should be taken which may also include revoking the decision to host World Cup in Qatar.

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