Jumeirah may take legal action over mini Burj al Arab in India

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Dubai’s Jumeirah Group may take legal action against a homeowner in India who has built a miniature replica of the Burj al Arab hotel without first seeking permission from the luxury hotelier, who owns the copyright to the landmark’s design.

Images of the farmhouse, which is a scaled down version of the Dubai hotel, were circulated on social media sites in recent weeks. The building is believed to have been build a number of years ago and is reportedly located in Punjab in northwest India.


Jumeirah Group, which opened the 280 metre tall landmark hotel on a manmade island off the coast of Dubai in 1999, owns complete copyright of the building’s design. While the hotelier's official spokesperson declined to comment, it is believed the Indian homeowner did not seek approval before the house was built and Jumeirah's legal department have been made aware of the situation.

Two years ago, Gerald Lawless, president and CEO of Jumeirah Group, told Arabian Business the group has been approached in the past, specifically from developers in Las Vegas, with requests to construct replicas of the Dubai landmark.

“We have often had [approaches]… We own the design rights and architectural design rights to the Burj Al Arab. So you can’t just go out and build one… Prior to the financial crisis, yes there was talk about doing something… [However] there was also a body of opinion that we should keep the Burj Al Arab unique,” Lawless said.


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Posted by: Peter Peter

The indian replica is not even a replica. The proportions and details are very different. It may be similar but it is not the same ! I don't think any case will stick.

By similar logic can one claim that the DIFC Gate is a replica of the India Gate in Delhi or the Arc de Triomphe in Paris ?

Jumeirah group should be flattered not act silly.

By the way their logo looks terribly similar to the Enoc Logo and many others that I know !

Posted by: Ed B

Its more than correct and logical that Jumeirah group takes legal action. That a private person is using copyrighted design makes no difference. This is not a small in-house replica; no, its a large building that is clearly visible in the landscape. That is nothing less than stealing.... They should have asked permission first, (and likely would not get it)....

Posted by: Paolo C

It's a private person not a hotel company so to take legal action is really ridiculous.

Posted by: Kevin

I'm sure there is a Big Ben tower on SZR, Al Yaqoub Tower

Posted by: DNS

Oh yes it does, Dave.. don't forget that Dubai has plans to build a smaller version of the Taj Mahal too..

There were also plans in Dubai to build a version of the Eiffel Tower.

Posted by: Dave

Yes and it has no clock nor looks anything like Big Ben! Calling it Ben Ben Tower is an insult to the actual building

Posted by: Yamamoto

Indeed funny that the city which is basically trying to copy everything in the rest of the world cannot stand being copied itself just once.

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