Kim Kardashian brings out fans, Islamists and police in Bahrain


Kim Kardashian is beautiful inside out, and she is nothing like Paris Hilton. She's full of warmth, supports good causes, and simply living her life to the max. AND she's against posing nude. Doesn't matter where she comes from, we are all humans. All she's doing now is endorsing a brand and making a living.

There are soooo many worse people out there who have done real evil and deserve this kind of hatred.. but not Kim! GIVE HER A BREAK. Why do people always attack her??

Mark Zoro

Heba, I did not know there was an X-ray machine which can read people's inside !!!!!!!. Maybe you have just invented it. She may be beautiful outside, but inside, she is very calculating andan opportunist person. Taking an opportunity is not a bad thing, but when you are an opportunist at the expense of your close loved ones and fans, you are an opportunist who is expoiting. Young fans especially the ones in Middle East seem to be totally naive to what she is playing at as they are more absorbed at looking at her plastic features and getting messmerrized by her.

george santos

Hey mazen
calling Iranian and Aremenian (Kim) the same is like calling Sunni and Shia the same.. try reading " Idiots guide to Middle Eastern History"- available for immediate download on your kindle




She is, like the rest of her family, pure trash...And Iranian as well...


to be realistic,what she is famous for is not something to be proud of,or encourage your female children to do,to snap nude pictures for play boy magazine!!!,she is really not a good mentor for girls in islamic country.


@peg..she is not famous, she is ''infamous" for Kim Kardashian in search engines...and you will come to know what is she "famous" for.....

Monkey Tennis

@ Peg: It makes me howl with laughter that these plastic people make a reality show - which anyone can do and all of a sudden get catapulted to international celebrity status!!!

So, if anyone can do it Peg, why don't you go ahead and do it, make the same sort of money she has and then use it to establish an organization that promotes real and "worthwhile" talent.


Celebrities are dime a dozen. Parents should be careful about who their children are idolizing. 'No talent' celebrities like Kim and P Hilton have similar dubious claim to fame and cannot possibly be a good role model for young teenage girls. Are we so morally blind to ignore the beginnings of why these celebrities are famous?


Baiju - that wasn't a literal question!!! It makes me howl with laughter that these plastic people make a reality show - which anyone can do and all of a sudden get catapulted to international celebrity status!!! I've never watched the Kardasians or any of this brain dead supposed reality rubbish. If a celeb is going to cause this much commotion then at least make it a talented and worthwhile one!!!


Oh Baiju, are you Mother Teresa? They run 'Keeping up with the Kardashian's' on the E Channel 20 times per day. These kids see her on TV in the Gulf that is why she is famous. She's had the most hits on Bing than any other celebrity in the US, she is an entrepreneur, where she unveiled the 'Kardashian Kollection' throughout the GCC - she is a businesswoman. As the media stated, some people in Bahrain thought it was good for their tourism to cast Bahrain in the limelight for change. And Kuwait, well that's a country with no tourism, so to open the MOMS there was a big deal also. These kids love everything celebrity and that is the cornerstone of the MOMS franchise, so they hired her to open their franchise. Maybe next time they will bring other celebrities, maybe from the region? So get off your high horse and understand the entire picture.

Mark Zoro

500 Bahraini dinars ($1,360), just to see her !!!!!!!!!!!

What a SCAM & WASTE OF MONEY. Stupid People.

Chuck U Farley

Yeah, Stupid Indeeed! Might as well have paid 30 dollars for a copy of the Playboy mag in which she starred to get a real close look at her.


i agree with you ... people in some parts of the world are dying out of hunger


Super stupid, I may say.


What is this girl famous for - what's her talent????!

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