Kuwait approves segregation of medical care

Kuwaitis will be given priority for medical checkups at public hospitals in the morning


Hello expats

No coughing in morning times please,,,,,

All Arabs and all Ajams are equal, said Prophet PBUH.


Aparthied is BACK !!

A reader

Apartheid has been outlawed by all civilized nations. If the clinic is full of laborers then segregate families/ladies from bachelors, or establish clinics near labor camps. Hospitals are places of medicine, nothing else.

Apropos expelling expatriates, some Kuwaitis may be experts at showing them the fastest route, since they were the first out in August 1990, leaving it mostly to foreigners to get the country back.


This is not a well thought out plan to address over-crowding in the hospitals and if you interview the average Kuwaiti, the majority of them support this plan. It is a desperate attempt to deal with an over population of low level workers in the country, because when I interviewed expats that are not low-level labourers, they have insurance and stay clear of the government system. I highly suspect that doctors working in the system were not asked their opionion, because logistically if expat doctors need to coordinate efforts with Kuwaiti doctors then these time constraints will greatly affect their patients welfare. Kuwaitis at the government level seem to go for the quick fix rather than analyse the cause and effects of their actions. The MOH should consult with the MOI to ask what they are doing to curb the large populations of illegal expats on the streets and to work with legislation to handle the health insurance issue with employers in the country.


@Majd, a very insightful comment. Quick fixes are easy but seldom effective.


As for the staff segregation, I give this about 2 months before it's ever-so-quietly reversed. I rather doubt there are enough Kuwaiti doctors to cover the full range of specialisms. So you'll end up with this situation where you'll have a Kuwaiti actually unable to get the care they needed because the specialist doctor is an expat and can only work in the afternoon.

Actually, on reflection what will happen is the Kuwaiti docs will still just work for a couple of hours in the morning and the expat doc ends up doing a double shift.


"Staff also will be segregated according to their nationality, with Kuwaitis working in the morning and expat doctors in the afternoon." Wow, if I was Kuwaiti, I would really try hard now not to get sick!


This is so pathetic, where are the Human Rights? Who agreed on these decisions? No conscience anymore? I totally disagree with this racist decision, I read an article today saying Kuwait is one of the least welcoming countries. Great now you're even making it worse!! Shame on you all. This is even worse than Segregating religions!

Um Anwar

I am a foreigner and a mother of three kuwaiti children...where does this fit into my life??!!! this is nonsense at its perfection! and yes, there r flights going to my country, should I take my kids with me? seriously!!!!!!! brains was not on the menu of Mazen's conception!


It reminds me of how Europe is today, being against religions and the rights of expats to cover up or wear religious symbols as necklaces. It seems like Kuwait is adopting this ridiculous right of center tactics as well.

Europe is no better and seems like Kuwait wants to start doing the same by telling foreigners what they can and cant do.

Keeping in mind Expats are NOT denied health care services day time as the rule pertains to government hospitals only. Private hospitals remain open to all regardless of nationality.


How does being told you can't wear a particular necklace in a govenment workplace compare with denying someone access to healthcare?

Red Snappa

Dear RAH,

While I accept Europe does take stances on issues that it finds unacceptable on home soil, which in a way is a form of two tier system, it does not vindicate the Kuwaiti approach to public healthcare. Certainly you will not find any nationality discrimination in European public healthcare, as long as you are legally entitled to be in the country, even if you are a tourist or an asylum seeker.

The majority of non-Kuwaiti's are from South and South East Asia rather than Europe anyway, who based on earnings across the board are certainly more likely to seek healthcare at government rather than private hospitals.



Which countries in Europe practive active discrimination and look after "locals" before foreigners in health care RAH?


Are theses decisions reviewed or approved by Islamic commitees? I guess not.

Would however explain this article http://www.arabianbusiness.com/kuwait-among-least-welcoming-countries-of-world-493561.html

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