Kuwait deports 86 expats for traffic offences

Top transport official says move is part of new crackdown on road violations

Kuwait has deported 86 expatriates in recent days for traffic violations, a top official has said.

The Gulf country announced a crackdown on expats who commit traffic offences, including running a red light, speeding and driving without a licence, less than a week ago.

Sixteen people were deported within the first three days, according to Kuwait Times.

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Lt Gen Abdul Fattah Al-Ali said on Saturday a total of 86 had now been sent home.

About 70 vehicles also have been impounded.

“We have received green light from the minister of interior and undersecretary to take strict actions against expatriates who do not abide by traffic rules, especially those who jump red traffic light and drive without driving license and over speed,” Al-Ali told the local daily.

“Those instructions have been passed to all patrols, and was given the blessings of first deputy prime minister and minister of interior, which calls for immediate deportation of any expatriate who drives without license.

“Also all expatriates who jump red signal or overspeed will be deported. Of course, we will also take strict actions against citizens who commit such traffic violations as those violations endanger the lives of other people. Therefore, article 33 of traffic law will be strictly implemented, and the vehicle of the citizen who breaks the law will be impounded for three months.”

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Posted by: The Consultant

It will be fascinating to see how this impacts the recruitment of skilled professionals in the near future:

"Yes Dr Smith, you may be a top surgeon with badly needed life-saving skills, but if you take this job in Kuwait not only can you still be fired at your employer's whim, you will now also face immediate deportation if you or your wife are caught speeding once....what? Discretion and common sense? Yes I suppose so but they're not reknowned for that round here.....what? You'll think about it? Great!"

If I was insane enough to agree to be based in Kuwait, I would probably insist that EVERYTHING was provided by the company; accommodation, cars, kids schooling....all money sent offshore the second it hit my bank account....and I'd want a hefty signing on bonus just in case things went sour early on.

Posted by: ben

Keep up the good work Kuwait. Dubai and Doha are just loving the bumper business you are sending over at no charge!.

Posted by: Ray

I can not understand how people are criticizing this law. The
stand ard of driving is horrible in Kuwait and it is all because of drivers from 3rd world countries where there are bull carts on the highways. Now at least, drivers will think twice before endangering others.
Try to look at it from Kuwaits point of view, they are a country with a high standard of living and yet they have to face dangerous drivers from 3rd world countries on a daily basis. All this is without considering any grudges they may hold because of expats taking their jobs and sending all their money outside the country

Posted by: Sal

Ray, Are you an American? Your comments are racial.

Posted by: Hussein

John, it is in primitive (stone) age where they throw stones or spit when they look at civilized society even in this modern era.

Ray loves those primitives otherwise they would have left us untouched to teach.

Posted by: Mark Renton

Ray, the "high standard of living" in Kuwait only exists because of the very people you are complaining about. How many Kuwaiti families would be able to afford maids, nannies, drivers etc. if they had to pay the rates a Kuwaiti would want (in the unlikely event you could find a local willing to do these jobs)? What prices would businesses have to charge to cover their costs if every employee was a Kuwaiti? All these things would be unaffordable.

Posted by: Tariq Al-Salabi

Ilkhan, how can you say that the law is non-sense? We need this zero tolerance system to be implemented across the whole GCC. Drive safely, follow the rules and you won't get deported, simple. We could do with this law in Saudi! It's not just Arabs who break the law! Now atleast foreigners in Kuwait will have something to think about before they skip a red light!

Posted by: Hannah

Please. I lived in Kuwait for three years and it was the Kuwaitis driving like maniacs (cars, motocycles, quads) down the Gulf Road endangering everybody. And then wasta-ing their way out of any consequences.

Posted by: ILkhan


In UAE, you jump a red light.. u are fined AED 1500 and probably have your car impounded for a month.

This rule is for both expats and locals, no exceptions made!!

This is what I call a fair deterrent and justice served in society.

Now the Minister Of Interior defends his decision by stating jumping red light is equal to attempted murder!! are Kuwaitis not guilty of the same crime??

A society which breeds injustice and inequality, is not a sustainable one

Posted by: WHJ

Yes that's right. Take it out on the expats. They're to balme for all Kuwait's woes and traffic problems. These expats have too many cars, too many chauffeurs, too many cooks and maids. Each expat family owns at least 4 cars and they're the ones causing the traffic jams. These expats feel so good and secure that they "flout" all trafffic rules and comit all sorts of violations because they think they can get away with it. It is all their fault. That will teach them. Let's raise the price of gasoline for expats only. Let's segregate hospitals' working hours: Kuwaitis get attended to in the mornings and expats in the afternoons. Let's deport 100,000 expats per year...yeah, that's right..that'll teach them. Only then can Kuwait catch up with the development in the rest of the GCC.
The above is sarcasm...

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