Kuwait jails former MPs for criticising emir

Three ex-lawmakers sentenced to three years in jail for comments deemed offensive


Oh dear Nasser can't take any alternative view.

Everything is perfect in his little world and nobody should say anything or you should leave.

How sad.

Naser Al Khaled

CGBS - If you do not agree with our constitution and ways - you are very free to go back to your home country but since you only here to make more money and pay less taxes and enjoy our luxuries which you cant afford back in France - I suggest you keep quiet!

James Marshall

Even though CGBS commented from France (his first comment mentions location as France), this end-all-argument line "if you don't like it..." is getting to be laughable to be point that some sensitive people (like Naser) just fire off that line without even blinking or checking whether that infamous line applies to that commentor. What's wrong with those people ? Have they never debated or argued for something in their life ? It seems to me that people who use that line probably feel they are losing the debate and that's why they just want the opponent to just shut up !!


Thanks Naser, but I don't live in Kuwait. I live in France, where rest assured, I can afford every luxury imaginable.


Surely not "immune and inviolable"? I think you mean "inhumane and inveterate".

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