Kuwait min wage plan three times world's highest

Lawmakers propose raising minimum wage to US$5,300 in raft of changes to boost income


What a stupid suggestion by the idiots who unfortunately are members of the parliament. Kuwaitis don't need more money nor do we need another reason to keep Kuwaitis lazy. The parliament members should focus on more important/urgent issues such as healthcare, education, competitiveness of the market place, and the environment amongst other stuff.

Thamir Ghaslan

Jealous and negative comments in 3... 2... 1...

Expats would be singing a different tune if they would easily be given citizenship.


Spot on.

you you fooling

You could not pay me all the money in the world, unless I could get the privileges and not have to live there. (like most Kuwaitis do come to think of it)
Going to the avenues mall every night and swimming in dirty sea isn't the best life.
Even the Regency hotel I stayed at after a 100 000 million dollar refurbishment was empty.
Al Hamra Tower tallest sculpted concrete building in the world, 10% occupancy (I should know I produced the launch brochure for it)
The Business district is half empty as no outside firms want to work in Kuwait.
Ever wondered why arrivals at the airport on a Thursday is empty and departures is packed!!??
Keep your perks I would rather have a good quality of life(thats not money by the way!!).


All Expats in Kuwait - expect massive increase in all charges - A Price and Inflation led Tsunami is coming your way if this gets approved as the locals would have all the money while u expats will be derived of it. What will happen is to sustain this every sector will push up the charges to pay for the increased wages. All foreign high value brands are in for good times!


This Minimum is not for the 'residents', but for the Nationals.


This will help retail sales for Hermes and Porsche in Kuwait.


@Telco, this is actually great news if you ask me because they like to spend and retailers love people who love to spend as this extra cash will trickle down to others. There are currently 7 flights a day between Dubai and Kuwait of which are supposedly all full too so some of this extra cash will trickle down to retailers in Dubai. Basically the ruler does not want them uprising with the rest of the Arab Spring of which he is basically telling them here is some extra cash. Go enjoy and keep your mouths shut. If I were them I would take it and enjoy. There are not too many countries out there that share government wealth with their people. Other countries out there want 30-50% of your income while they collect zero taxes from their own people.

Long term resident of Kuwait

they are destroying what little is left of any work ethic among young Kuwaiti's... how will they compete in the real world... the system is geared towards...entitlement, greed, and more greed...the leadership needs to really think this one through...what kind of value system will this society have in the future....


In other words, the Kuwaiti government has simply given up trying to encourage the public sector to hire nationals. Here's hoping they've got enough oil revenue...otherwise, where will the money come from?


Oops- I mean, of course, PRIVATE sector!


This should help Kuwaitization plans...


The first generation built the wealth
The second generation managed the wealth.
The third generation squandered the wealth

Just as my generation spent the money and borrowed, leaving the debts to our children, such will also pass in Kuwait.

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