Kuwait to start medical care segregation on June 1

Expats will be barred from attending public hospitals in the mornings - local media


Let me put the entire issue in perspective. There are massive traffic problems on the roads of Kuwait, where Kuwait can boast high road fatalities and there is massive overcrowding in the government healthcare system. So how do the Kuwaitis deal with these issues? Instead of analyzing the problems, implementing the proper legislation in handling these matters and regulating the systems, they took the 'quick fix approach' and start deporting expats. Expats would have been penalized y if strong monetary penalities would have been implemented if the police would get out on the roads and simply gave tickets. There is an overflow in the expat population in Kuwait because of illegal human trafficking by visa traders. There is high unemployment in Kuwait, because of the lack of a development plan, so consequently there are 1,000's of illegals and an over abundance of low-skilled workers in the country that flood the healthcare system. Kuwait needs to handle their problems productively.


Kuwaitis to Kuwaitis? Inshallah that will be implemented strictly so we get to see how they work on their own without the help of the expats.. Good luck! ;)


I personally think this is an absurd policy. However, the citizens of that country want it that way, that's their right. Unfortunately, expats are not represented in parliament and have no pull in this matter. It will always come down to "If you don't like it then leave!" simply because expats are just foreign workers on a temporary work permit and that's it. As another poster has mentioned, they don't like you and do not care about you, so just leave for greener pastures. Whether or not they will suffer in the future due to the loss of an expat's skills is not relevant; they will suffer the consequences, if any.


I feel this is a racist policy and racism does not belong in healthcare, although if you look at the whole picture as I read these comments, possibly the GCC should analyze their hiring practices. To hire by race is no longer advantageous for GCC companies and the yesteryears of landing that great job in the GCC, with full benefits such as housing, transportation and healthcare are quickly becoming a thing of the past.


Could not put it better

Kaptain Saif

It seems Kuwait is catching up the fever of Abu Dhabi..! Finally..!! Marginalizing the expat population which makes the state earn 97% of its wealth, yet they are treated as if they are puppies.

Expats are international puppies, pushed here and there...!!


Typical discriminatory policies the GCC but in this case right out in the open. Kuwait thinks backwards, you have not learned human values.


Billy is right - all expats should leave Kuwait immediately.....

But they won't because they need their jobs; they will leave eventually and will be replaced by others.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people waiting for each job!


How many of the people who avail the the free healthcare services in Kuwait will avail public healthcare for their family members back home? They will have no issues in paying for healthcare in their own countries, but make big cry when Kuwait start charging for the same.


"They will have no issues in paying for healthcare in their own countries, but make big cry when Kuwait start charging for the same". I don't think charging for healthcare is the issue here in this article.

A. Rashid Hashim

Well came to Kuwait in the year 1982 and thanks to Allah first and Kuwait who has served me as a second mother and has been kind to provide me a lot. In 1982 hospitals were free no medical insurance and there was lot of blessings in the country. Hospitals were usually empty and from 1982 to 1991 I only visited twice in all this time, the doctors were so eager to receive me and you would not believe it that they packed up lot of medicines for me vitamins and antibiotics and told me to give to the needy's as the same will be wasted in coming time. Now after medical insurance and all the hue and cry we see the hospitals jam packed Allah has taken away all the blessings once he bestowed. I pray for the betterment of Kuwait and hope the lesson given by Islam on social justice prevails.


Kuwait Expats.....how many more indicators do you need !!! You are not wanted in Kuwait. Leave now....there are many more places in the world where you will be welcomed and treated with respect. Preserve your own dignity and leave Kuwait for the Kuwaiti's because believe me you will not want to be there when that happens.

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