Lights go out on Nakheel's new $6.5m Dubai park

Palm Jumeirah residents also claim running track may have been measured wrong

A view of Palm Island, Jumeirah, in the Gulf emirate of Dubai on May 27, 2012. (AFP/Getty Images)

A view of Palm Island, Jumeirah, in the Gulf emirate of Dubai on May 27, 2012. (AFP/Getty Images)

Residents on the Palm Jumeirah have complained that al ofl the lights on Nakheel’s new US$6.5m Al Ittihad Park have stopped functioning, just two months after it officially opened.

The 1.1m sqft sustainable, green oasis containing more than 60 varieties of trees and plants indigenous to the UAE, was opened on National Day last year. It also contains several shallow water lakes and kids playing areas.

“There have been no lights workings since Christmas, it is complete darkness, which is a huge problem because kids play there in the evenings,” said one resident.

Another added: “We have asked why and no one is telling us [why the lights aren't working], we don’t know if it’s a cost issue or technical problems.”

Residents spoken to by Arabian Business also claimed that the running track around the park was originally measured wrong.

“When they opened it was marked at 2.6km now it is 2.7km. Many people have been using the track to train for the Dubai Marathon –  people even running the 10km couldn’t understand why their times were originally so slow,” said another resident.

Nakheel did not respond to enquiries from Arabian Business.

The company has been made to write down the value of its real estate assets by US$21.4bn since 2008 and has been forced into a US$16bn debt restructuring plan.

It has also been in a  long-running battle with its customers on the Palm Jumeirah since December 2011, when it banned more than 1,300 residents from using the beaches and gyms at its Shoreline Apartments residences and claimed it was owed US$20m in unpaid service charges.

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Posted by: Peter G

I think the issue here is not that people's training is affected, rather that - yet again - what was promised by nakheel to home-owners and subsequently tenants, are 2 wildly different things.

Most Shoreline owners were promised this park (along with a canal) some 4 years ago. The canal is scrapped and the park's very expensive lighting system is switched off. Standard Nakheel

Posted by: Paul Lambert

Using a 2.6 (or 2.7)km track to train for a 42km race is keen. That's a lot of laps.

Next headline 'Palm Jumeirah Park running track disintegrating'

No lights. Buy a head light like so you can see in the dark. Be pro-active not re-active.

Posted by: Peter Johnstone

This is truly completely unacceptable !! You should all immediately pack up your villas and you Land Cruisers and return to your home countries where the lights on the running tracks and indigenous parks are certainly all still functioning.

Posted by: Red Snappa

Half the parks in the northern hemisphere are not lit at night, saving energy saves the planet as it's conventionally generated not solar, Dubai from the air at night is probably one of the most brightly illuminated cities on earth.

Think green not luxury, whatever you paid for your property!

I assume the running track is still lit, otherwise how could you check your stopwatch times? Also the massed marathon contenders using the facility would inevitably collide if they were unable to see each other, wouldn't they?

Oh well it's back to the council house in the rear end of Roscommon, under 10 centimetres of snow and a repossession order. Could be worse!

Posted by: Imran

Jalal thanks for your thought provoking comment.

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