Live coverage of the QE2 arrival in Dubai

Tom Arnold reports live from Dubai as world famous ocean liner arrives in emirate.


I worked on this amazing ship and many many others, however thay all pale in significance to the 4 years I spent on here. Every one agrees this is a much treasured icon and the last of her kind. I implore Nakeel please do not remove her funnel! It would be like taking the dome off the taj Mahal.


This is a great pleasure of Dubai and residence of Dubai people to see Queen Elizabeth II in Dubai.

Mrs. Maria Duffy

If you have nothing better to say than the drivel you are producing regarding the QE2, I suggest you get somebody else to take over from you. And further your comments re the QE2 hygeine is beyond anybody. The QE2 has never never failed a Public Health Inspection in any port in the world....Under the auspices of the Hotel Manger, John Duffy, my husband the longest serving Officer and the youngest ever four stripe officer in the history of Cunard Line. Editor's note: Tom's blog is a light-hearted first person piece about the QE2's arrival and the colour surrounding the historic event. For information, the hygiene fact was first published in the UK's Telegraph newspaper under 50 facts about the QE2.


I find the comment about the whale that was impaled many years ago and Sammy the whale shark distasteful. It already sits very uneasy with me how badly Dubai treat animals without credible websites using it in humour.

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