Mosque to replace part of lake in Dubai's JLT

DMCC boss announces half a lake will be filled in, a week after declaring ‘I hate lakes’

DMCC executive chairman Ahmed Bin Sulayem last week said he would like to fill in the remaining three manmade lakes in JLT and replace them with other amenities such as a mini gold souk or sporting facilities.

DMCC executive chairman Ahmed Bin Sulayem last week said he would like to fill in the remaining three manmade lakes in JLT and replace them with other amenities such as a mini gold souk or sporting facilities.

One of the remaining lakes in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) will be partially filled in to make way for a mosque and car park, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the authority overseeing the community has announced.

The mosque will accommodate more than 1,000 worshippers and include an upper-level prayer area for at least 300 women.

It will be the first mosque in JLT, which also has a dedicated pray hall in Tiffany Tower. Around 65,000 people currently live and work in the area.

The mosque is yet to be designed but will be inspired by Umayyad/Andalusian architecture and will be named in honour of Uthman Ibn 'Affan, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Construction will involve filling in part of ‘Lake A’ in the south of JLT, between clusters A, M and L.

A “large scale” car park also will be built on the site.

DMCC executive chairman Ahmed Bin Sulayem last week said he would like to fill in the remaining three manmade lakes in JLT and replace them with other amenities such as a mini gold souk or sporting facilities.

‘Lake C’ already has been filled in and a 55,000 square metre park including an amphitheatre and basketball court are due to be completed there by the end of the year.

“It’s no secret, I hate lakes. I love more efficiency,” Bin Sulayem said.

“The only lake that I think will be untouchable is the one facing the Dubai Diamond Exchange [because of] the view.”

However, he said he would consult the community before changing more lakes. DMCC did not reveal what consultation it did prior to announcing the mosque.

DMCC also announced this week it was re-assessing the technology it uses to keep the remaining waterways clean. The lakes are often green and known to be difficult to maintain.

No date has been set for when the lake will be partially filled in or when construction of the mosque and car park will start and finish.

“The Uthman Ibn 'Affan Mosque will compliment several existing prayer halls by providing a much needed opportunity for men and women to pray within their community and is an essential natural next step in improving quality of life and sense of belonging,” Bin Sulayem said.

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Posted by: Mohammed A

Salam Ahmed Bin Sulayem,

I am a recent expat from the US and am interested in JLT cluster where Mosque is set to be built (M). As the design is not yet in place accordign to the article, can you shed some light on when this will be completed approximately?

Hearing of this and the park made my day. Absolutely fantastic news. Not sure if there is prayer space in this cluster as well?

I actually plan on stopping by to thank you in person if I decide to take this place. Please continue with the candor :-)


Posted by: Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Dear Mohammed A,

City 7 had an exclusive on the Uthman Ibn Affan Masjid a few hours back, I'll share some details since there has been progress & it will be completed properly. DMCC?s Ahmed Bin Sulayem makes the first personal donation of
AED 1,000,000 for the building of Uthman Ibn Affan (Dhun-Nurayn) masjid
Dubai, UAE; 9 September 2013: The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (?DMCC?), the Government Authority dedicated to establishing Dubai as the global gateway for commodity trade and licensing authority for the DMCC business community, has announced that plans to develop a community masjid in JLT are officially underway following a personal donation of AED 1 million from its Executive Chairman.
Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC, said:
?Since announcing the Masjid, as expected, we have had extremely positive feedback from those who work and live in JLT. This includes developers interested in supporting this worthy cause.?

Posted by: Ahmed Bin Sulayem

The cheque was presented to Tayeb Al Rais, Secretary General Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) in the presence of Waleed Barhaji, Head of Distribution ? Consumer Banking, Noor Islamic Bank.
His Excellency Tayeb Al Rais, Secretary General of Awqaf and Minor Affairs Foundation said: ?We are honored to join hands with DMCC to help realize a project that will contribute to meeting the spiritual aspirations of the JLT community. Ahmed Bin Sulayem?s monetary support comes at a time when the design stage for the new mosque has been completed and the project is ready for fruition. We anticipate the process of construction to take 14-18 months, depending on further collection of funds and endowment, following which the mosque will open doors to its capacity of 1,000 worshipers. We are confident DMCC?s noble initiative in corporate social responsibility will inspire other organizations to take the lead in similar community projects?.

Posted by: Nicolas

Indeed it seems to move in cluster Z, any concrete info about it ? Can't find anything on the net :/

Posted by: Ahmed Bin Sulayem

@Nicolas Cluster Z is a private development, not owned by our management, I'll get you in touch with them if you would like to touch base with them. Kindly do email me at & we'll do our best to assist if what your looking for makes sense to cluster Z.

Posted by: Anas

Finally a Mosque in JLT, thank you DMCC & special thanks to Mr. Bin Sulayem for taking such crucial decision which thousands of residents in JLT are craving for.

You'll be rewarded, and I must say I admire picking name of one of the companions and 4th Khalifa of our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Thanks and I can't wait to pray there at the first prayer opening.

Ramadan Mubarak,

Posted by: Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Many thanks Anas for your kind words & appreciation, its great to read this from you. Uthman Ibn Affan was the 3rd Khalifa.

Ramadan Mubarek,

Posted by: andy

Dear Mr. Bin Sulayem
Thank you for taking the time on here to respond to all questions in a transparent way. It is obvious us residents and owners in JLT feel strongly about our community, and this is an indication of our passion for the community.
I think perhaps DMCC could do more though to engage with OAs and sub-developers regarding these changes, the last time this happened was with the Security changes (whatever happened to that?) 6 months ago, and previously on the change of lake C to park.
I know that OAs would want to collaborate more closely and have valid input to share, when given a forum to do so.
Please consider this point.
Question 1: have DMCC decided whether to ban dogs from the new Central Park yet? This is a very important factor to the parks success, as many other landscaped areas are not fit for children to play on becaue of this.

Question 2: can you hsare a render of the new foot bridge? DMCC community team are not responding on this matter.
thank you

Posted by: Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Dear Andy,

Your points are more than appreciated, I don't see any issue for pets to be walked in the park as long as they are no threat to any one, we will share the render of all developments with the JLT community & engage more with them on any matter that could affect them in any or form. The recent developments have been over due especially the Mosque, the progress of the park with regards to trees & greenery should be visible some time this week at a speed I don't think any other development can even dream of.

In any case here is my email address send me all your inquiries & any recommendations are more than welcomed from you.

Thank You

Posted by: Fahad M

Mr Ahmed Bin Sulayem,
First of all, thank you for personally replying to the comments.

On the point of consulting the community about changes, you say current residents will have an input. However, when the park was decided for Lake C, Owners' Associations reported that though many opposed it, the plan still went ahead.

My question is this: Clusters N, M, A, and L will lose their lake views. So will you evaluate whether a MAJORITY of these cluster RESIDENTS oppose the plan, or will you just "hold meetings to hear their concerns", but in any case go ahead with the plan because you already decided on it?

Also, why not use cluster K to build the mosque, as it has 3 massive holes in the ground, no towers, and a perfect fully built parking for 3 towers. This would be perfect for the mosque!

Also, why not use even a SMALL part of the huge plot where you decided to build the tallest commercial tower?

A mosque is a must for JLT, but it can be done without antagonizing current residents.

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