Muslim family furious after gifted hamper of wine

Manzar Abbas

I agree with all ideas, listed above.
But since HSBC market placement is "World's Local Bank", which takes pride in understanding not even faith or language but also body language of its clients around the world.

Thus, keeping above in mind, the action of the bank is ridiculous.


Mohamed Shoukry

Gosh, seriously, what is all the fuss about!! Would you simply make a fuss and scandal anyone who sends you an inappropriate gift or a one that is not up to your taste? Simple manners would say to simply accept and appreciate the gift and deal with it later your own way, I bet he was looking for more compensation out of that.

Let alone you don't expect an institution to personalize every single gift they sent unless you are a premium or private banking customer .. so sorry, in your case, the bank is sending you a gift that is appropriate for the society you live in .. so honestly unless you are a premiere customer, you shouldn't expect that attention of details to your personal beliefs when it comes to a generic gift!!!

Mansur Ahmed

Very interesting to see people wrecking their brains over small issue. People really are frustrated!
I have received gifts which are not compatible with my faith but returned them with thanks. Whats the big deal!!


Well said Ahmad, if there were more tolerant wise people like you of all religions and races there would not be the problems there are.

Mohamed Shoukry

there is, they don't just make a fuss :)


should i sue HSBC UAE for over charging and providing poor services? that is called theft and is against my religion....!
@Ahmed: well said
A storm in a schnaps glass


Despite being a "Premier" customer I have received an consistently appalling service from HSBC in the UAE, in Jersey, in Hong Kong and in Dubai, and have never received even the slightest apology from them.

So ..... what must HSBC done wrong? Just how bad must the service have been for these people to have been sent a hamper!?!?


They should leave and move to Saudi..


I am a Muslim living in the UK. I would not be offended
at all if somebody sent me a case of wine. What's the big
deal! Just give it away to someone or trash it in the bin. Its
really petty and small-minded making a song and dance
about it.


If I was given a Holy Quran instead of a Holy Bible, I would give it to my most cherished Muslim friend. Shahnaz, bravo for your positive attitude, your control and your understanding.


A storm in a glass...


Don't drink it and move out of the UK!


@ Jessem. Because Axeman (presumably) hasn't gone to the press with some faux outrage over an imagined insult.

Why don't get up and go do some work? Perhaps then the expats will leave....? Just a thought.


Why don't you leave my country and go back home?

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