Muslim Fort Hood shooter forcibly shaven

Former US army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan, convicted of 13 deaths, had his beard forcibly removed

Muslim US solider Nidal Hasan, who was convicted of the Fort Hood shooting rampage in 2009, has had his beard forcibly shaven.

Hasan, a former army psychiatrist, began growing a beard after the November 2009 shooting that killed 13 and wounded 30, causing delays to his trial due to defence force grooming regulations.

In a statement on Tuesday, army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel S Justin Platt said Hasan’s beard had been forcibly shaven.

The original judge in Hasan’s military trial ordered he be clean shaven or forcibly shaven before his trial.

Hasan said he grew the beard because his Muslim faith required it and was not meant as a show of disrespect, The Guardian reported.

He appealed, leading to the judge being ousted and the trial delayed by three months. The appeals court ruled the judge did not appear impartial and that the army, not a judge, was responsible for enforcing military grooming standards, the paper said.

The replacement judge, Colonel Tara Osborn allowed Hasan to keep the beard during the trial. She said she would not hold the breach of grooming regulations against him but the military jurors might.

Hasan, a 42-year old American, was convicted of the shootings and sentenced to death and is now on military death row.

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Posted by: JenniferGoltman

So... we all bow-down to Bradley Manning's demands for all taxpayers to refer to him as 'Chelsea' from now on, and to pay for his hormone-sex-treatment.... but Hasan can't simply keep his religious beard?!?... Where are we headed?!?...

Posted by: Bemused

He voluntarily joined the US Army knowing the appearance standards (No beards) and complied willingly until he decided to murder his fellow soldiers. He is still a US Army soldier and until execution or being released is held to at least that standard, even if he could not uphold the oath that he voluntarily took. He could have submitted his resignation at anytime but instead choose to remain in uniform and bound to the oath he broke.

Posted by: Mick

Manning didnt massacre multiple human lives. Data leaks get you a nice dress. Multiple homicide gets you a nice shave.

Posted by: leo50

that should teach him to murder 13 people...

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