Muslims claim DHL fired them for praying

Employees said that they were dismissed by delivery company for performing evening prayers

International delivery company DHL has been accused of firing 24 Muslim employees for praying during working hours.

The workers, some of whom had been with the company for up to six years, claim that the logistics firm in October introduced a new rule eliminating flexible break times, which they had previously used to perform evening prayers. When they went ahead and prayed anyway, they were all dismissed from their jobs at DHL’s branch in Hebron in the eastern US state of Kentucky, the employees say.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the US’s largest Muslim civil liberties organisation, said the workers’ firing is a violation of the country’s 1964 Civil Rights Act and Kentucky Civil Rights Act. These acts require employers to reasonably accommodate staff’s religious practices.

CAIR has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission civil rights complaint on behalf of the 24 former employees.

DHL has denied firing the workers for exercising their right to perform religious practices. “While we believe that all respective internal rules of DHL Global Mail are perfectly in line with legal requirements, we will investigate/consider the case carefully,” DHL said in a statement.

“DHL Global Mail is an equal opportunity employer and takes seriously all complaints of harassment and discrimination, however we do not comment in detail on pending charges or litigation. Our policies provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment,” it added.

“DHL Global Mail ensures employees’ religious practices are understood and, as reasonable, accommodated,” the statement continued.

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Posted by: Abdul Hamad

The employees here quote that it is a very service oriented company and anyone involved in the service delivery is highly pressured. Something I have heard is in call centre is toilet breaks are rostered on a board. Maybe the company needs to survive on service as its USP as it is charges the highest. I saw earlier comment of similar nature from Sam Daniel. Either he is affected DHL employee or unsatisfied ex-employee.

Posted by: wowtodhl!

wait a minute... wait a minute...
smokers are members of society...
they have their "constitutional rights" to pollute the environment..!
DHL cannot go against constitution and basic human rights..!
DHL cannot abuse the rights of "pious" environment polluters...

DHL you are right! Keep on discriminating worshipers of any background, supporting destroyers of nature and your lovely Philip Morris and BAT et.c...

We love you DHL! Proud of you! WOW!

Posted by: wowtodhl

thousands of disasters happening in the world because of little cigarette butts. In US, Australia, Latin America, Russia thousand square kilometers of forests were burnt only because of little cigarette butts. Forests which nature generated for thousands of years. Greeneries were burnt forever! Animals died, flora and fauna gone, people died, lucky ones were evacuated and left homeless!
How many houses and high rise buildings were burnt and people died? Do not go far. UAE has many examples.
And you tell: - "Smoking has no affect on the world's environment"?
Smokers are the biggest and worst criminals in this world!

Posted by: Mick

Actually smokers don't pollute the environment unless you are within a few feet of a smoker. Smoking has no affect on the world's environment. Oh and religion should have no place in business...unless you are in the religion business. Middle East makes willy nilly rules that affect rights and freedoms of expats. The U.S. also has the right to make whatever rules they want for the people living there, do they not? I'm always told that "if I don't like it, leave", I tolerate much of the things that affect my life here. If those in the States don't like it....they can leave.
I think its a fair swap.
just sayin

Posted by: Paolo C

If you choose that job don't expect to be paid because you pray. Next job you should pray that they don't fire you.

Posted by: Sam Daniel

DHL was voted best place to work in Middle East by Aon Hewitt. I suggest they re-audit their call centre ops. I have heard shocking stories from ex-employees.

Posted by: Sam DaMan

If DHL does not want to have Muslims working for them, why do Muslims send their parcels with DHL?
These are many other companies that can do the Job just as well. This is an Arab business site. How many Muslims here do not like the fact that their fellow Muslims lost their Jobs because they spent 3 minutes praying, while on their break? They lost their Jobs but none of the people who smoke during their breaks at the same time as the Muslims prayed lost their Jobs?
If you disagree withwhat DHL did, show DHL you disagree. Send your parcels using another company from now on, and tell DHL why yo7u have done this. If Muslims want respect. They need to start respecting themselves and each other. If Muslims never want this to happen again, they should start a world wide boycott of DHL. Muslims are 25% of the world. If DHL lost its Muslims customers no company would ever do something like this again. If DHL get away with this, every company will do this.

Posted by: Unknown

I agree about the three minutes break. But there are some people who take advantage of breaks. What I describe could be completely different from the situations described in the above article. My team had 3 guys who used to take one hour lunch break and take an extra hour right after that for prayers and coffee. So, it was like 2 hours disappearance from work. This 2 hours was covered by other team members who in turn could go for lunch only at 3 PM every day which obviously is quite late a lunch time.

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