Nakheel charges buyers $1,361 to attend sales auction

The non-refundable entrance fee is new to Dubai as emirate's real estate market rebounds

Drew Peacock

Great deal from Nakheel again, pay and get lost :-)

Close call - almost an investor

If indeed all of the legacy Nova villas were sold out in a few hours .,Then we are going to have another 350 duped investors who are going to be posting comments here on AB in a few months time.Cant wait to read what they have to say...


how many turned up for this surge in demand event?

From the below comments there were only 4 sales anyway. That means at least 4 people attended or 1 bought the lot.

Nakheel: PR walking disaster

peter peter

Contrary to all their claims of massive sales I get the feeling they need this money to pay their staff salaries. What sense does it make to restrict the number of people wanting to attend an auction ?

Or is this another one of those "creative" solutions where the real purpose is masked by some fancy speak. Remember RTA saying that they were going to charge Salik to "ease" the traffic ?

In the last few months I have come across a disconcertingly large number of people who ave recently moved to Dubai ( 6 - 18months ) and most of them are blissfully unaware of what happened here in the past.

As the famous saying goes " A sucker is born every minute "


Well said!


i feel sorry for first time home builders


People never learn, With the Nakheel history of taking the money and not delivering on their promise at least on time I am really surprise anyone is attending these auctions of buying a lie.
wait for another crash....

Mark X

Looks like another SCAM

Ty Say

Surely not everyone actually beleives Nakheel has sold all this property. It is pure propeganda in order to try and dupe unsuspecting investors into beleiving they also need to buy quick as to not miss the deal.


Another article on Nakheel charging more fees - how unsurprising.


out of 21, they sold 4 plots.

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