New Dubai mega project will boost tourism - experts

Pandolfi franco

Dubai is the ultimate expression in the hotel world, I believe that in the near future it will provide great surprises many visitors.

The non-naysayer

Contarary to what Ronald says, Dubai has a lot to offer to tourists.
Sun, sand, secluded or public beaches, world class hotels, shopping facilities from Dubai Mall to karama, man made wonders, burj Khalifa, water parks, cinemas etc.

Not everyone wants to visit a cultural destination. Took my kids to London and NY and they were bored of "museums/Operas" ,actually preferred playing in kiddies areas in the malls, having lunch at Chillis /Mcdonalds rather than "Gourmet frenc/Italian food" or soggy english Fish and Chips and taking in a nice movie in IMAX.

Dubai tourism caters to a significant proportion of Asia/ Russian market and the few naysayers/pessimists will not sidetrack its quest to proceed forward.

finaally, Dubai is a safe and secure tourist destination, which is what all families want

G B Ragoowanshi

Recession in the The Chinese proverb has 2 words
Danger and Opportunity
This is what I call the real Strength to get up and fight back the world/ Recession.
If you sit down on the sofa for too long you will be depressed, if you gather the strength and get up and move on that is LIFE.
When the economy booms everyone is talking positive and make the money.
When the bad time comes , everyone talks negative and makes losses.
We all learn from our mistakes, dont we and must have the courage to get up and fight back.
Yet again His Highness has proved that nothing can stop the development of Dubai and UAE.
Critics may talk that many projects are not completed in the past and are halfway,first complete them and then move on.
I say that if i wait , i will be lost, i need to keep on moving,
like the saying goes "Rolling Stones gathers no mosses"
The Rolling Stone here is Sheikh Mohammed and no one can stop him rolling.
Keep it up sir ,we are with you and will be with you till we are alive.


There is a finite number of tourists who are interested in man-made wonders such as shopping centres. Contrary to popular belief, shopping in the UAE yields no actual bargains and the selection even at the tony brand stores is sorely limited. There is a smoke and mirrors campaign going on, Dubai trying to pretend it is "better", yet the debt mountain hasn't gone away and no amount of faux claims and press releases from dubious pr agencies will hide the fact that the world moved on, and left Dubai behind.

Mohammad AlJamal

no Contractors ominated yet?


Bur Dubai needs more green too, it's now a concrete jungle...


Dubai Marina needs more green!

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