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Prince Alwaleed happy with $1.2bn Jeddah tower progress

Saudi billionaire briefed on latest plans to build the world's tallest tower in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia's Fri-Sat weekend change 'soon'

Kingdom’s chambers of commerce chief agrees in principal to two-day weekend

Dubai's Damac to hire $1bn Paramount project builder soon

Company chief says it is aiming to appoint contractor for Damac Towers by Paramount by July

Qatar tightens caps on banks' securities investment

Banks' total investment in equities and debt instruments must be limited to 25 percent of capital and reserves

Abu Dhabi's Waha buys stake in healthcare firm

Waha said investment in Dubai's Anglo Arabian Healthcare would help support healthcare firm's expansion plans

Kuwait court orders dissolution of parliament

Gulf state's Constitutional Court also calls for fresh election in ruling on Sunday

London's Emirates Air Line hit by high winds, low usage

The Dubai-sponsored cable car closed for 216 hours as a result of windy conditions

Dubai keen to host F1 test sessions

Dubai Autodrome's licence already makes it eligible to host F1 tests

Former Dubai chief executive jailed for 16 months in US

Ex Axius CEO conspired to manipulate stock price, according to US court

Travel costs soar amid Middle East dates clash

Clash of Ramadan, school holidays and summer has caused travel costs to soar, say agents

$163m London project targets UAE investors

Prices start at AED1.7m at Barratt's Queensland Terrace located opposite the Emirates Stadium

Arabs put slim hopes in new Iranian president

Many Arab states doubt he can end sectarian confrontation inflamed further by war in Syria


What does the MSCI upgrade actually mean?

Ed Attwood ponders the consequences of reclassifying stock markets in the UAE and Qatar

Don't forget the people

Will cities that try to copy Dubai's development success also repeat its mistakes?

Is this the end of the Dubai rally?

Adel Merheb says he believes the recent price action on UAE equity markets is alarming


Inside an Abu Dhabi royal's super yacht

Arabian Business is granted access to a 100ft-long super yacht that would set you back $12m

Rowhani wins Iran election

Moderate candidate Hassan Rowhani has won Iran’s presidential election, securing 50.68 percent of the vote, equating to 18.6 million voters

Fun and chaos at Harrods summer sale

Swathes of bargain hunters flocked to world famous department store Harrods in London for its annual summer sale

Bali's international art festival

The sights and sounds of traditional and modern Bali were on vibrant display at the Bali International Art Festival in Denpasar

Highest paying sporting clubs revealed

Abu Dhabi-owned Manchester City tops global list, paying weekly salary of over $150,000


Moderate Rowhani wins Iranian election

Hassan Rowhani has won Iran’s presidential election. He was the only moderate candidate in the election, securing more than 50% of the vote

Global ambitions for Chinese film industry

Chinese film industry is looking for a stronger presence in world cinema, signing joint ventures and securing cameos by leading foreign actors

Russia opens Halal Expo

The International Halal Expo was opened in Moscow, allowing more than 140 Halal production companies to meet and sign contracts

Google launches internet balloons

Giant balloons have been sent into the air by Google as part of a new project to bring the internet to remote communities

Latest Reader Comments

Sheikh Mohammed and Crown Prince take trip on London Underground
Aamir Sayed : Dear Froggy,

The Central line doesn't have a fan. All it has is an exhaust opening where the air pushes in once the train is moving. Not an ideal way to get fresh air I presume especially when it is all below ground. Also the summer temperatures in London are almost touching between 34c-37c...
UAE - Thursday, 21 July 2016 12:07 PM

Kuwaiti-NZ woman told 'not to bother' applying for a job in hijab row
Charles Tunar : As an American born, and self proclaimed progressive Muslim, I find it important to take opportunities like this where the subject matter addresses, "Respect [one's] culture and [one's] religion," to pose the following questions to the Umma here: How tolerant are Gulf countries of cultural and relig...
UAE - Thursday, 21 July 2016 12:07 PM

Why CEOs need social media
Huw : What utter TOSH!
Large companies require well considered external communication not all in line with quick fire avenues such as Twitter.
Nearly all high profile Twitter users end up eventually making themselves look like - well a Twit!
It would be chaos!
UAE - Thursday, 21 July 2016 12:08 PM

Real estate agent claims 'definite shift' in Dubai property market
Peter : I'm not saying I support all the claims mentioned, but I offered 2.7m and a 2 bed in downtown listed at 2.8m 2 weeks ago, agent told me they had asking price from another cash buyer...I thought he was bluffing so left my offer on the agent tells me they have completed and I have since mov...
UAE - Thursday, 21 July 2016 9:13 AM

Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for "thesaurus" of previous insults
Mike Gee : Does the World not have many many more problems to worry about than whether or not Boris Johnson should apologise ???. PLEASE let us see some serious questions such as why Assad is still killing people, why ISIS still exists, THOSE are 2 of the more serious questions. Forget Boris Johnson and get o...
UK - Thursday, 21 July 2016 9:13 AM




PHOTOS: Inside an Abu Dhabi royal's super yacht

Arabian Business is granted access to a 100ft-long super yacht that would set you back $12m


Stay classy

The world’s biggest hotel company may have come late to the Gulf’s hospitality party, but Wyndham Global president and CEO Eric Danziger says all that is about to change


Lord Sebastian Coe urges Dubai to mull Olympics bid

Sebastian Coe says if the city wins Expo 2020 it would be a good showcase for the emirate


Meet Kuwait's cable guy

As Qualitynet looks abroad to further its growth, it’s no surprise that CEO Waleed Saleh Al Qallaf is in talks with a major international brand to enter the market

Twist in the tale

The latest addition to the Dubai Marina skyline is an engineering and architectural marvel. The man behind the project explains all

Gateway to India

Visiting Mumbai on business? You could do worse than staying in one of India’s most famous hotels, the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower

Signs of M&A revival in Middle East as activity picks up

New hope to global banks which have scaled back regional operations amid dearth of deals

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