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Virgin Atlantic may look to Gulf carriers for alliance - CEO

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad would appear the most likely candidate for Richard Branson’s airline

Marriott close to sale of hotels to Abu Dhabi

CEO says finalising deal for properties in London, New York and Miami Beach

$10m Human Regenerator makes UAE debut

The anti ageing machine debuts at the World Luxury Expo and comes is a fully paved, diamond encrusted version

German court rules Muslim girls must join swimming classes

Angela Merkel’s government said Muslims must make an effort to integrate and learn German

Saudi to review tough speeding laws

Tough penalties to be revoked.

US sees "troubling" Iran nuclear moves, seeks steps by Tehran

Warns of diplomatic action if no progress by November

Kuwait to transfer $2bn aid to Egypt

Gulf state will deposit cash in central bank next week

US Syria strike could "destabilise the Middle East" - Putin

Russia said action by Obama risked unleashing terrorist attacks in the region

Bomb damages Libyan Foreign Ministry building in Benghazi

Comes on the first anniversary of the attack on the US consulate in the country's second largest city

Jordanian MP fires AK-47 at colleague in parliament

Shot fired after an intense parliamentary argument in second similar incident in Jordan


Why disappointed Apple enthusiasts are missing the point

Fanatics may have wanted more but the strategy does make sense, says Salma Awwad

Banking on freebies

Beatrice Thomas says lenders should focus on service instead of flashy gifts

Calls for a new bankruptcy law are getting louder

Ed Attwood says new rules will be hugely beneficial for the business community

How should the GCC look in a 100 years?

Mohammad Janahi examines how the GCC should move forward


CEO Middle East Awards 2013

Honouring the Middle East's most impressive company executives over the last twelve months

Catalans celebrate national day

Thousands of Catalans have celebrated their national day, which double up as a demonstration to demand the right to self-determination. Crowds dressed in the Catalonian colours of red and yellow were led in the celebrations by president of Catalonia Artur Mas, who is one of the voices calling for a referendum on the issue of self-rule.

American Muslims march for peace

A rally organised by the American Muslim Political Action Committee and March Against Drones group has taken place in Washington DC, USA. The demonstration, entitled Million American March Against Fear: Peace, Harmony and Justice, A Civil Rights Movement for Humanity, featured speakers including activist Cornel West.

British MPs meets Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas met with prominent British politicians during his state visit to the UK, including prime minister David Cameron, opposition leader Ed Milliband, and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg. Abbas is likely to discuss the Middle East peace process and the need to progress with talks.

Latest Reader Comments

Abu Dhabi's gov't offices will relocate to new city, says planning official
Fentoni : Wow. Imagine if say the UK government told all the world embassies in London to move out of their central London offices and move to one central area in say Croydon. How much must the US have spent on their embassy in Abu Dhabi already to make sure it's fully secure against physical and spy attacks,...
UAE - Monday, 24 April 2017 12:32 PM

Expats to be banned from working in Saudi shopping malls
Fentoni : From a purely practical point of view would there be a requirement for the KSA staff to speak both Arabic and English as is the common custom for nearly all sales staff I've encountered in the rest of the GCC? ...
UAE - Monday, 24 April 2017 12:32 PM

Dubai property market's 'false start', recovery still unlikely soon
JRH : Actually if you look at the historic trend - when there has been a global stock market correction Dubai real estate has suffered. It's also highly unlikely that the pattern of increasing bench mark rates will reverse anytime soon.

That said it does look as though prices are nearing the bot...
UAE - Monday, 24 April 2017 12:33 PM

Emirates to cut flights to US cities after flagging demand
dxb_yvr : Cutting the flights was bound to happen even without the ban. A lot of those flights have been empty for a year as many people and companies in Dubai have stopped flying with Emirates, especially in business class due to prices. Get your pricing right @emirates....
uae - Monday, 24 April 2017 9:02 AM

Etihad stays firm on US routes despite Trump’s laptop ban
sarah : I suspect the real reason for this is that Abu Dhabi airport through Etihad Airways has US pre-clearance which keeps their planes full with mainly South Asians. If Dubai did have US pre-clearance, their planes would be full also. I do think that tourists will stay clear of the US, because of leftist...
UAE - Monday, 24 April 2017 8:58 AM




1,259 Gulf residents apply to live on Mars

Exclusive: Majority of would-be astronauts looking to be part of mission from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain


UAE expat jailed for three years for spying

Driver was charged with working with an officer at a foreign embassy


'No one wants to work in Saudi Arabia, Qatar': builders

Gulf construction firms are forking out ‘premiums’ to lure workers to the less attractive countries


Sheikh Mohammed: UAE needs "to get better ideas"

UAE Vice President chaired a brainstorming session on how to maintain the country's rapid growth


Saudi businessman to sue Barclays for $10bn: report

Mohammed bin Issa Al Jaber claims bank engaged in corrupt activities with a Saudi ministry


The art of the re-start

Alex Andarakis explains how he has been in a start-up mindset for his whole career.

Mona’s world

Founder of, Mona Ataya, explains what it takes to be a success in ecommerce

Revealed: How the Gulf is losing billions to medical insurance fraud

The growing issue of medical insurance fraud and abuse — ranging from overprescribing medication or keeping patients in hospital longer — is hitting operators’ margins. With the market already heavily competitive, Dubai, and the wider region, is gearing up to tackle the problem

To buy or not to buy in Dubai

Increasing numbers of expatriates are choosing to buy property in Dubai rather than rent. But do the maths add up?

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