One year in jail for Qatar man drunk, naked on flight

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(AFP/Getty Images)

(AFP/Getty Images)

A man was sentenced to one year in jail and fined QAR1,000 (US$274) by a Qatari criminal court for being drunk and sexually harassing air hostesses during a Qatar Airways flight.

The 30-year old man, whose nationality was not disclosed and was only identified as being Muslim, was heavily intoxicated when he kissed a hostess on her lips.

He then went to the washroom and got undressed while leaving the door open, after which he shocked passengers by parading around naked, the court heard.

When he slapped another member of the cabin crew on her back, the hostesses reported the matter to the captain, who informed authorities at the Doha International Airport. 

Qatar Airways staff kept the passenger quiet until the plane landed, with security personnel waiting for him at the airport. He was then questioned by police and charges were filed against him for sexually assaulting hostesses and drinking alcohol.

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Posted by: Cruiser

Perfectly correct, F1_Senna.

Would like to have seen this on an American carrier, Lufthansa, BA or Qantas, can you imagine that?

He would have been happy to have been arrested to the safety of the legal system.

Posted by: zman

This man shouldn't have been left to get drunk. They should have estimated the situation and stopped serving him alcohol at one point.

Posted by: Ali

Its actually a step in the right direction. In the past, "some" passengers have gotten away with assaulting other passengers or making phone calls during takeoff. Of course it is always justified by "this is my country/airline i can do what i want".

Posted by: Doug

Just a thought - as I've pointed out earlier, the nationality of this person hasn't been disclosed. Perhaps it's time to be less subtle - clearly this person was of a nationality that a)it would be embarrassing to reveal had been drunk and b)was of a nationality who an expat flight attendent wouldn't be able to say 'no' to unless they wanted to get fired. What a wasta time, eh?

Posted by: Thamir Ghaslan

Being a regular on Qatar airways, I assure you the host and hostess are way too polite with the more unruly passengers. Too timid or part of their professional training, who knows!

Reminds me of one episode where a drunk was spewing profanities at the hostess and lit a cigarette in his seat and was acting like a total idiot.

The passengers were more aggressive towards him and put him in his place and did a better job at it than the flight crew.

Posted by: Doug

I find this story very confusing. Usually, the first thing that gets reported in a crime story is the criminal's nationality. Yet this one does not feature it at all. I can only assume the person in question wasn't a Qatari (because as we've seen elsewhere, Qataris rightly don't want alcohol in their country, and so would never drink alcohol themselves). So I wonder who it was? It's a complete mystery, isn't it!

Posted by: The Avenger

After all the comments on The Pearl article and this little beauty shows up here .
I find it quite amazing at all the comments berating westerners on their love of alcohol and look what shows up 2 days later.

These incidents happen regular here in bars and clubs with muslims and they are just not reported but running down a plane naked isn't something the worlds 5 star airline can hide !

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