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Emirates confirms plan to introduce seat selection charge

Emirates has confirmed plans to introduce a charge for seat selection on its flights from next month.The Dubai-based carrier will introduce a “minimal” charge for passengers who wish to select their seats...

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Posted by: SA1 Sep 25, 2016 1:17 PM [UAE]

then why only seats?

this logic can be applied to luggage, meals, in-flight entertainment, and may be priority use of toilets.

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No growth in Central London house prices until 2019, say Savills

House prices in London's prime locations will fall by 9 percent this year and not grow again until 2019 as buyers, already hit by increased property taxes, wait to see the outcome of Brexit divorce talks...

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Posted by: Boris Sep 25, 2016 1:17 PM [UAE]

Interesting - don't agree with some of this report. ! We were on a Buy to Let property search in London (1 week) back 3 weeks ago. Prices in the sub GBP1M price range (SE London) are virtually same as pre-Brexit. Maybe more owner occupier buyers, but the market seems buoyant and bubbling away. There maybe some minor discounting ~5%, but not to any significant level.
Also, West End flat prices (sub Million) seem static.

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Italian lawyer said to sue Emirates over obese passenger

An Italian lawyer is reportedly suing Dubai-based airline Emirates after having to "suffer" a nine-hour flight being sat next to an obese man.Giorgio Destro, a lawyer from Padua in northern Italy, is demanding...

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Posted by: Mark Z Sep 25, 2016 1:16 PM [Argentina]

Wouldn't it be a good idea for airlines to have few seats adapted for Extra Duty Heavy passengers?

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Entrepreneurs of the Week: Morrad Irsane and Sherene Lee, co-founders of Melltoo

Morrad Irsane and Sherene Lee, the husband and wife duo behind Melltoo, a peer-to-peer marketplace for secondhand items with escrow payment and door-to-door delivery, offer revealing insights into the...

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Posted by: Sharene Lee Sep 25, 2016 1:16 PM [UAE]

@Telcoguy Thanks for the well wishes. Startups are constantly innovating as all good companies should. Business models evolve as well. What we care about is building a product that customers love and that alone is the key to a monopolistic business model.

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Exclusive: UAE mulls ‘man-made mountain’ in bid to improve rainfall

The UAE is currently in the first stage of a man-made mountain development project as the country mulls different approaches to maximising rainfall.Experts from the US-based University Corporation for...

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Posted by: Fentoni Sep 25, 2016 1:11 PM [UAE]

Knowing Dubai if this crazy plan ever happened this is how it will work..... 1. They'll build the mountain to create more rain. 2. It will rain on the mountain. 3 Someone will have a bright idea to freeze the rain for skiing. 4. The rain isn't enough so they'll pump more water up the mountain to create more snow using snow cannons . 4. In five years you will have an artificial alpine resort using more water in a week than the mountain generates in a decade.

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Saudi looks to put 100,000 disabled people in jobs

The Saudi government is planning to offer private employers incentives to hire 100,000 disabled people, according to local media.About 183,000 disabled Saudis are registered as looking for work in the...

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Posted by: luqman akram Sep 25, 2016 1:11 PM [pakistan]

good work for disable persons but please do work for those who want to come in Saudi for work with his disabilities. please

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Saudi's Muslim World League voices 'deep concern' over new 9/11 law

The Muslim World League, and its affiliate International Organisation for Muslim Scholars, has expressed "deep concern" about a law passed by the United States Congress last week that would allow the families...

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Posted by: Fentoni Sep 25, 2016 1:12 PM [UAE]

So the bill was vetoed last night by President Obama anyway. The Obama administration argues that the legislation would remove the sovereign immunity that prevents lawsuits against governments, and could expose Americans to a legal backlash overseas.

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Bahrain beats the UAE to be named top MidEast expat destination

Bahrain has been named the Middle East's top destination for expatriates, ahead of the UAE, according to HSBC’s Expat Explorer 2016 report.Bahrain was ranked ninth globally behind top performer Singapore...

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Posted by: Fentoni Sep 25, 2016 9:16 AM [UAE]

Do huge 4 x 4 with blacked out windows try to actively run you off the road (and dangerously brake in front of you when they eventually get past) in Bahrain? I only ask because this is the part of UAE life that stands out as a real downer.

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Big rise reported in UAE residents without life insurance

There has been a significant increase in the number of UAE residents who do not have protection in place in the form of life or critical illness insurance in the past year, according to a new survey.The...

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Posted by: Veronica Chapman Sep 25, 2016 9:16 AM [UAE and UK]

Well I paid into BUPA for 40 years using it for hospital twice in a
Lifetime, then you reach 65 they put it so high, you can't afford
It. Therefore all those years of being in the Medical system
At the end of your life they don't want to insure you, because as
You get older problems arise.

It's like being in a football team once your over 34 you go on the rubbish heap. That's my experience of medical insurances.

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Finally, developers in Dubai appear to be listening

Could the days of grandiose designs and lavish launches be over for the Dubai property market? At least every second new development of late is substantially toned down compared to the past decade - and...

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Posted by: Fentoni Sep 25, 2016 9:18 AM [UAE]

The affordable housing model is going to offer both challenges and opportunities to the banks in regards to lending. Most banks will offer 25 year mortgages however they have lower mortgage limits, often at 500,000 AED which would equate to a 666k property price ($181,405) at 75% loan to value. Most bank mortgage advisors have monthly targets of 2.5M however a 4M target is typically the norm. This means that even if they could offer a 75% mortgage they would have to process between 12 - 19 mortgages a month based on a $76,000 purchase price, this simply isn't practical or possible. I suppose a more likely outcome would be a 280k AED ($76k) personal loan over 4 years which would be circa 6,650 AED pm at 6.5% APR. As long as the customer earned over 13,500 PM and had under 5k credit limit on their cards and no other UAE debt then the personal loan route may work.

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