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Samsung loyalty strong in Dubai as half swap Galaxy Note 7 for S7 Edge

Fifty percent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners in Dubai have opted for a swap with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge instead of claiming a full refund, a senior executive with Jacky’s Electronics told Arabian...

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Posted by: Telcoguy Oct 24, 2016 1:04 PM [Spain]

Losing half of your high value customers is now "strong loyalty"... oh well the glass is half-full for sure.

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Investors push to revive $750m beachfront project in Bahrain

A group of Saudi investors in Bahrain will launch a petition in November urging the kingdom’s leaders to help revive a stalled multi-million dollar beachfront residential on Janabiya Highway.The petition...

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Posted by: Bahraini Oct 23, 2016 4:45 PM [Bahrain]

The picture in this article are not of the project. There are plenty of pictures on the internet. I recommend you place the same to avoid any confusion.

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Cladding issue causes further headache for fire-hit Tamweel Tower

Residents of the fire-ravaged Tamweel Tower in Dubai, which has now been repaired, are unable to move back in to their apartments because authorities have yet to approve the new cladding.It emerged this...

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Posted by: AMJ Oct 23, 2016 4:46 PM [UAE]

We residents of the tower have been informed by our Loss Adjusters that DCD has not approved the cladding despite the glass being of A2 quality. Further, it seems DCD has not given anything in writing as to why the approval is not forthcoming. If this is indeed true, then it is very surprising why a body like DCD should not be clear in their communication about what they want and what they don't!

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Italian lawyer said to sue Emirates over obese passenger

An Italian lawyer is reportedly suing Dubai-based airline Emirates after having to "suffer" a nine-hour flight being sat next to an obese man.Giorgio Destro, a lawyer from Padua in northern Italy, is demanding...

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Posted by: Telcoguy Oct 23, 2016 9:04 AM [Spain]

Maybe laughing so hard has somehow damaged your ability to reason. Anyhow, lets take a look at how things are handled in the rest of the world:

"These complaints are legitimate because as a customer you purchase a full seat. Not a half, not three quarter. How airlines handle these complaints varies. As with many complaints they are usually brushed off but you have to be persistent is such a case especially if you left the flight because of it. In such an instance I would file an official complaint with the national regulatory body such as the U.S. Department of Transportation. The airlines are required to reply to these complaints in consideration of active laws and regulations."

Further if you can not get your full seat, you can claim involuntary denied boarding, and that, in the civilised world, involves a monetary compensation.

In the end we all understand that you are just posting because the complain is against Emirates. There is no need for logic here, nor in any of your posts

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First robot police officer to enter Dubai service in 2017

Dubai Police is set to put its first robot into service next year, it was announced on Monday.The brief announcement was tweeted by Dubai Media Office as part of GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.The tweet...

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Posted by: Doug Oct 23, 2016 9:02 AM [UAE]

Oh come on. This isn't a robot. This is a mechanical mannequin with an iPad in its chest.

I guarantee you that the 'robot' the Dubai Police will be introducing will be some glorified touchscreen at the police station entrance where you check in for an appointment and the 'robotic' element will be limited to a mechanical arm doing a salute and a pre-recorded 'Salam alaykum'.

This is not robotics, it's an iPad case with a speaker and a motor in it.

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DNA sequencing coming to the masses

Biotechnology company Illumina's growth has been spectacular, in pretty much every way you look at it. In 1999 it had just 25 people on staff, today it employs more than 4000. The company's stock price...

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Posted by: Dr. D Oct 23, 2016 1:31 PM [United States]

The new frontier indeed! Now the challenge will be how to analyze and interpret all the genetic code, and link to biology and disease.

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Jeddah ranked 'worst airport in the world'

King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah has topped a list of the world’s worst airports for 2016 – lambasted for poor hygiene, rude staff and lack of amenities.The Guide to Sleeping in Airports...

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Posted by: Steven Oct 23, 2016 1:31 PM [UAE]

Quite agree with you Telcoguy, shopping is something I pass by without even a casual glance.
This article starts by claiming the worst airports to sleep in, well that is also something that I do not set out to do ever, and I think have never done, anyway whatever 'floats people's boats'.
However when there is mention of inefficient/rude/arrogant staff, OK I think you and I can relate to that. Or boring uninteresting airports, or, for that matter, as you state, 'colourful' airports, but not for positive reasons. Anyway for the arrogant/ignorant/rude staff, I think Shymkent is right up there.
And just to stir people up, we can mention LHR immigration too!

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Health insurance for expats in Kuwait set to jump 165% in 2017

Health insurance costs for expats working in Kuwait’s private sector will rise from $165 (KD50) to $430 (KD130) in 2017, according the CEO of Kuwait Health Assurance Company (KHAC). Dr Ahmad Al- Saleh...

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Posted by: George Oct 23, 2016 1:32 PM [UAE]

I understand that in Kuwait you pay or your employer pays around 500 dhs for your health card and when you go to a government health facility you pay 20 dhs to see a doctor? If they raise your health rates even significant, it would never be the amount we pay in the UAE for health premiums that are mandatory and the other health costs we endure?. Don't move here, you are better off going to another GCC country that have not increased their health fees.

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Qatar passes law approving 100% foreign investment

Foreigners may invest up to 100 percent of project capital in Qatari business sectors under a new law approved on Wednesday.Qatar’s state news agency QNA announced that the cabinet had approved draft legislation...

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Posted by: Ben Oct 23, 2016 1:32 PM [United Arab Emirates]

anyone know what "Qatari Agent" means?

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Dubizzle says $35m of number plate ads posted since July

More than 4,500 number plate adverts with a market value of AED130 million ($35.39 million) have been uploaded onto UAE listings website Dubizzle in the last three months, it said on Tuesday.Dubizzle launched...

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Posted by: carsfan2014 Oct 23, 2016 1:32 PM [united Arab Emirates]

4.500 ad? it is not even newsworthy. they are collecting the offered prices (they are not even sold). dubizzle news quality is going down.

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