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Emirates claims victory in legal battle over key Milan-New York route

Italy's top administrative court has given Emirates permission to continue operating direct flights between Milan Malpensa airport and New York, rejecting a request by rival airlines to stop the flights...

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Posted by: Arab Expat Dec 19, 2014 5:32 PM [UAE]

probably because India does not allow them to do the same.

Singapore Airlines picks up passengers from Dubai for onward flights btw, and Singapore allows Emirates to do the same in Changi ........ It's give and take, don't take if you're not willing to give

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Dubai's bourse rockets 13% as oil price rebounds

Stock markets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates soared on Thursday after the price of oil rebounded and the Riyadh government eased investors' fears by saying it would continue spending heavily...

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Posted by: Simon Dec 19, 2014 12:24 PM [Dubai]

And just one day later...Friday 19th at 12noon...Oil is back down to $59.50/Brl. Good job the DFM is not open today as I just wonder what this journalist would have to say about it...

Funnily enough, last nights S&P/DJ rose...but that was, I would suggest, a distortion that will be rectified very soon. NO data out of the USA makes their economy fundamently sound. Their stockmarkets are heavily stretched on valuations and falsely supported by FED buying and Corporate Share buy backs.

It will all come to a close sooner or later. Mathematically, it has too. The 'cusp' is not so far away...

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Opinion: Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor on the current stock market turbulence

UAE businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor urged investors in the United Arab Emirates to tread with caution but not to overreact to current volatility/panic in the market. The Al Habtoor Group chairman,...

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Posted by: ray Dec 19, 2014 11:17 AM [UAE]

Markets are indeed rationally pricing in a slower economy which is already occurring (although it is obviously not being broadcasted)...some real estate projects will be shelved, some investors have already been burnt etc. so the markets are correct in pulling back.
what explains the volatility is the continued excessive use of leverage and the fact that markets here are dominated by retail investors rather than institutions. Some of these retail investors have quite unrealistic return expectations, so they end up leveraging and buying excessively....and they sell excessively to reduce their loans when markets correct. Their show term, leveraged induced actions end up causing more volatility than other developed markets.

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Is this the secret to anti-aging?

Celergen, a Swiss based company specialised in cell therapy, has released a new anti-aging supplement that promises to slow down the aging process and provide an endless stream of everlasting stamina.But...

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Posted by: Ray Ciocon Dec 19, 2014 2:42 AM [Philippines]

A friend gifted me with 60 CELERGEN soft gels 13 days ago and, when I woke up the next day after my first gel, I felt like I was 26 again, instead of 62!

A niece who hadn't seen me for more than a month ago dod not recognize me when she saw me again and commented that I looked much younger than I did before.

I've been taking all sorts of food supplements in the past. But other than E. Excel products which reduced the size of a cyst on my earlobe within 7 days, none of them have made such a quick impact on me. I wonder what more this oral Swiss marine cell therapy supplement can do for a senior citizen like me.

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QE2 fans voice outrage as new images show iconic ship left “to rot in obscurity” in Dubai port

Former passengers, employees and enthusiasts of the iconic QE2 ocean liner have contacted Arabian Business to voice concern that the legendary ship has been left to “rot away”, after new photos appeared...

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Posted by: Stanislav Dec 18, 2014 8:06 PM [Ukraine]

I see here some comments, that She needs only some refurbishment)))) All pipes inside is a scrap, all engines are dead and never will be repaired, as it is impossible to find spare parts for Her engines. Steel also require replacement. All wooden decks are completely destroyed by the heat. Sure that to build replica is cheaper, than to repair existing one))) Sorry but this is true.
I am one of the Officers been there since 2012 till 2014. I know, what I say! Regarding pigs on open decks))))) - is lie! Why? Because according to Dubai Drydocks rules, all fire works are strictly prohibited without their permission, and if to take into account, that especially for QE2 all hot works were prohibited since 2013, then about which pigs we are talking?
P.S. Sorry for my poor English)))

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Al Habtoor says investors 'overreacting' to oil price slump

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, one of the UAE's leading businessmen, said on Wednesday that stock market investors were "overreacting" to the recent drop in oil prices.The chairman of Dubai-based conglomerate...

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Posted by: Anand Lobo Dec 18, 2014 9:00 AM [UAE]

Sam, your description reflects the approach of a day trader or a short term investor. Was Emaar exposed to bad news? It has just announced a historical dividend and has a pipeline of projects. So why did the shares fall? Its because too many UAE investors look at the stock market with a casino approach instead of as a long term investor. The UAE market has recently been upgraded from Frontier market to Emerging market, and investors certainly need to grow up and take a longer term view based on fundamentals relating to the economy and to individual companies. Mr. Habtoor was quite right in highlighting that investor behaviour disregarded the strong fundamentals of UAE economy and listed companies and were focussed on technicals alone.

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Saudi Arabia's rulers reconsider ties to Wahhabi clergy

Saudi Arabia's ruling Al Saud royal family are trying to adjust their relationship with the country's strict Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam as they increasingly view the teachings of some of its ultra-conservative...

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Posted by: Dunya Dec 18, 2014 2:26 PM [France]

The problem with Arabia is the Saudi rulers who were put in power by the British.
They plunder the country, oppress the people and steal the resources.
They promote nationalism which is not Islamic. The Muslim Ummah is one Ummah.
There is no priesthood in Islam , Arabia has puppets who legitimise the illegal, non-Islamic behaviour of the regime.
Arabia needs a complete change; social and political.

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Ruble crisis could shake Putin's grip on power

Russia failed to halt the collapse of the ruble on Tuesday, leaving President Vladimir Putin facing a full-blown currency crisis that could weaken his iron grip on power.A 6.5 percentage point interest...

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Posted by: SAM Dec 18, 2014 2:26 PM [UAE]

Wow! Mr. Obama and his team must be the most politically savvy people on this planet today. In dealing with a severely damaged economy and a lot of humiliation, Putin's options to retaliate against the US became limited; the only potential ace he had under his sleeve was getting very close to Cuba again (offering free oil, food, weapons, etc.) and by doing so, re-igniting the historic threat against America and possibly establishing an advanced Russian military base in Cuba as a pressure tactic against the US (Upping the ante). What happened yesterday was an historic warming of relations between Cuba and the US with possible normalization of relations in the near future, which pre-empted any potential move from Russia into Cuba. What Putin will do next is anyone's guess, but the fact remains that the US declawed the Russian bear without firing a single bullet, so far.

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Dubai soars 11.5 percent as it leads Gulf rebound

(Updated 12:20pm) Stock markets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates soared on Thursday after the price of oil rebounded and the Riyadh government eased investors' fears by saying it would continue...

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Posted by: Simon Dec 18, 2014 2:27 PM [Dubai]

Headlines only shape collective opinion short term. Reality, when seen for what it is, shapes long term views.

The DFM casino has seen nothing yet if it takes its mark from the USA S&P/DJ which is falsely supported Company Share Buy Backs and the Fed.

When the FED has to step into a market to support it you know the fundamentals do not stack up...as has been seen by over stretched share prices etc, etc.

A stockmarkets value is not indicative o a strong economy or the strength of the underlying companies within it. The USA is your classic example of this very fact.

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French mayor implements "pork or nothing" school lunch policy

A French mayor has introduced a “pork or nothing” lunch at schools in his town, ignoring complaints from Muslim students who will be left without a meal.Marcel Mortreau, the mayor of the northwest town...

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Posted by: Holidaysarecoming Dec 18, 2014 12:38 PM [UAE]

@RealityCheck. There is embracing French republican values and then there is unneccessary ridigity that only deepens the gap between people. These kind of things only play in to narrative of groups such as ISIS who want to portray the western world as anti-Islamic in order to gain legitimacy. Tolerance, balance, understanding and just simple kindness will end the issues we have today. Unfortunately this attitude of 'well if you don't like it then leave' is gaining traction in Europe and unfortunately on the flip side occasionally directed against expats here. I for one hope that can all aspire to be intelligent, flexible, mature and motivated enough to come to an agreement that respects everyones beliefs and basic rights and ensures a prosperous fair society. To do that surely each side must let go of forcing their beliefs on others. Isn't this what ISIS are doing now and we are against that right?

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