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Dubai Int’l to reduce flights by 26% during runway closures

Flights will be reduced by 26 percent at Dubai International while a runway upgrade project is carried out, starting next month, it was announced on Sunday.Dubai Airports said in a statement that all Emirates...

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Posted by: Bobby Berchmans Apr 15, 2014 4:22 PM [India]

Safety is first. but the period chosen by the authority to upgrade the runway is totally wrong. Because it will be the high season with the school holidays and Eid Al Fittr holidays.

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Saudi residents reporting rise in "black magic"

Saudi residents are reporting a dramatic increase in incidents of black magic, amid claims it is being practiced by mostly expats, it was reported.According to Arab News, the phenomenon is most prevalent...

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Posted by: Doug Apr 15, 2014 3:19 PM [UAE]

@Truth...I'm astonished that your 'common sense' tells you that stones do not know how to love, yet it doesn't quite extend to telling you that they also can't teach you how to lust.

Congratulations on completely missing my point. I find it amazing that in a time where we have the science and technology to land probes to take photos from the surface of other planets, perform life-saving organ transplants, and build artificial islands in the shape of a palm, I have to explain to someone that sorcerers do not exist.

There are just conmen taking advantage of people such as yourself, who apparently aren't able to understand that a stone doesn't have secret magical powers.

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Thirty wealthy Gulf investors sign up for $1.3m EU passport scheme

Around 30 wealthy Gulf residents have expressed their interest in signing up for a controversial Maltese scheme offering European citizenship in return for investment of about $1.3m, with seven applications...

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Posted by: James Marshall Apr 15, 2014 2:41 PM [UAE]

$1.3 m for a Maltese citizenship ? It just goes to show the value what some people are willing to pay for a passport. To all the Maltese out there...you may not have a penny in your bank account...but be grateful that because you have Maltese citizenship, you are worth at least a million dollars in the eyes of some millionaire who may have millions in their bank account but poorer in their citizenship...Be proud !!!

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Al Ghurair Centre boss pans marketing of Dubai malls

The vice-president of Al Ghurair Centre in Deira has panned the “typical and predictive marketing” of many malls in Dubai as he hailed the success of its own new strategy focusing on large-scale street...

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Posted by: Clare Baker Apr 15, 2014 1:31 PM [UK]

Is this not similar to what you did with Cirque Du Soleil at Ibn Battuta ? Whereby the focus for footfall for the retailer is Zero and the Mall now becomes an Entertainment Unit only for that short period of time. I guess its easy to criticize well established Malls like Mall of The Emirates, Deira City Center and Dubai Mall who have held their grounding the trick is to aspire to their success and try and achieve it. Footfall is one thing actual gaining and maintaining shoppers is another.

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London hammer attack victim loses 95% brain function

An Emirati woman who was assaulted with a hammer by an attacker in a London hotel room last week has lost 95 percent of her brain function and the use of her left eye, British police have confirmed.“The...

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Posted by: Doug Apr 15, 2014 1:31 PM [UAE]

No, we should all pray/offer our support for these women, regardless of our faith. And do what we can to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

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Four men charged over Doha restaurant blast

Four expatriate men have been charged over a Qatar restaurant gas explosion that killed 11 people and injured 35 in February, it was reported.An Egyptian supervisor at Qatar Gas Group, an Indian supervisor...

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Posted by: Kumail Ahmed Shirazee Apr 15, 2014 1:30 PM [Pakistan]

Apportionment of blame aside, since when have carelessness and negligence become arrest able offences? And the Egyptian was charged with connecting the stove to the gas line? what else was he supposed to do? How was his action of connecting the stove to the gas pipe negligent in the criminal sense?

someone from WoQoD should also be arrested .... for supplying the gas in the first place. And also for not being vigilant enough to realise that there was a gas leak ...... somewhere..... anywhere......in Qatar.

Why wasnt the owner of the Restaurant arrested? After all he was the guy who hired the Indian and the Egyptian and the Turk not to mention the poor Accountant who failed to check whether the Turk had turned the gas off or not.

Amnesty International?????

Red Cross?????

No of course not...... Why?

Because who cares about Human Rights, Civil Rights, fellowship and decency to his fellow man in a Kingdom.

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Dubai metro stations to be transformed into art museums

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Monday issued directives to transform the emirate's metro stations into art museums.Sheikh Mohammed said metro stations should display artworks and...

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Posted by: youmna Jazzar Medlej Apr 15, 2014 8:43 AM [Lebanon]

The Islamic art and Arabic Calligraphy Museum should see the work of a young woman at www.majnouna.com

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REVEALED: The Gulf’s 100 most powerful Indians

Lulu Hypermarkets boss Yusuffali MA has topped the Arabian Business Indian Power List for the second successive year. However, the retailer was one of the few rankings not to change in the 2012 list.The...

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Posted by: A. S. Mathew Apr 15, 2014 8:42 AM [U.S.A.]

In philanthropy, the richest people of China and India are far behind when compared with the rich people of the western world.

But, thank GOD for a few like Mr. Azim Premji of Wipro and Mr. Tata etc, very few to be counted.

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Saudi Arabia mulls shorter shopping hours to boost jobs

Saudi Arabia is expected to make shops close at 9pm instead of midnight later this year, Saudi Gazette reported on Sunday, in a move aimed at encouraging employment by making sales jobs more attractive...

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Posted by: Karam H AL-Hashmi Apr 15, 2014 8:42 AM [Yemen]

The most healthiest communities or societies are those who wake up early to do their jobs and then go to their beds early!

Most of the people who lived over 100 years were waking up early and going to their beds early and most of the people who wake up late and then to go to their beds late they suffer from diabetes and blood pressure as well as other sickness due to less of sleeping hours .

It is proved that physical and psychiatric disorders are caused by lack of sleep and going to bed late!

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Dubai launches new crackdown on jaywalking

Dubai Police have launched a crackdown on jaywalking in the emirate amid new statistics that show 46 people died from a total 550 “run over” incidents last year and over 53,000 fines were issued in two...

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Posted by: Amman Walker Apr 15, 2014 8:41 AM [United Arab Emirates]

Some things are easier said than done. Could you please suggest a way how people living on the residential side of Amman street get over to the bus stops on the other side? You can say, "walk all the way to Doha Street intersection or to 7A Street (Karachi Darbar) intersection where there are traffic lights that allow pedestrians to cross". Or you can say "take a taxi to go to the other side of the road". Right?

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