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Indian workers stranded with no pay in Saudi Arabia

Forty five Indian workers who have not been paid for four months are stuck in a labour camp near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.According to reports, the Indian mission in the Kingdom has raised the issue with the...

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Posted by: Non-Muslim Nov 28, 2014 12:05 PM [Non-Gulf]

What kind of slave system is this???
How utterly disgraceful to read!

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Kuwait looks to cut number of expat driving licences

Kuwait has introduced a number of amendments to the issuing of driving licences for expat workers with a view to reducing the traffic jams and cutting the number of cars on the road.Unless exempted, expats...

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Posted by: Non-Muslim Nov 28, 2014 12:05 PM [Non-Gulf]

What Kuwait has introduced is illfated, wrongly designed.
Instead they should
- introduce understandable traffic rules and a strong, clearly defined sanctions catalogue
- apply these traffic rules to EVERYONE (not only expats!)
- enforce these traffic rules on EVERYone (not only expats!)
- santion EVERY violator (not only expats!)
Admittedly, this will not solve ALL traffic problems, but 95% of them because there will ALWAYS be rogue drivers (in most cases NOT expats!).

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Emiratis in private sector jobs to get public sector salaries, benefits

Emiratis who work in the private sector are to be guaranteed the same salaries and benefits of those working in government-related job in the public sector, under a new law being prepared by the Ministry...

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Posted by: Peter Nov 28, 2014 12:05 PM [Dubai]

Khalid, just think. What would Dubai be without expats?

The Emiraties should think that working in the private sector, they have the chance to learn!!! If all Emiraties work in a gov. sector, they will never be able to run a country. And we are going back to our *dying economies", because with the low oil price "your" economy will die too, how are you going to run the country? With no knowledge at all??? You shoudl be greatful for the partnership with the expats where both sides can learn from each other.

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Virgin Mobile switches on new telco services in Saudi Arabia

Virgin Mobile has announced the switch on of its next generation mobile service in Saudi Arabia, making Virgin Mobile numbers active and Virgin Mobile pre-paid and post-paid plans available across the...

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Posted by: babahera Nov 28, 2014 12:04 PM [Bahrain]

"but also offering the simplest and most transparent prepaid and postpaid offer" - Virgin always say this, but never do it.

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Malls, malls, malls… what on earth is a man supposed to do?

With the ever burgeoning growth of malls in the region, there is but one casualty…the husband’s wallet. True, this last sentence will sound like a sexist statement, but let’s face the facts, married men...

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Posted by: John Rees Nov 28, 2014 10:08 AM [Australia]

Here here in Perth WA

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Staff at UAE ambassador’s house in Ireland awarded $99k each by tribunal

Three workers employed at the UAE ambassador’s house in Dublin have been awarded $99,785 each for constructive dismissal by the Irish Employment Appeals Tribunal, according to reports in the Irish media...

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Posted by: Oswald Saldanha Nov 27, 2014 9:03 PM [Toronto, Canada]

This man is a disgrace to the UAE. He should be fired from the UAE Foreign Service for bringing disrepute to his country.
When posted abroad, his responsibility is to build the reputation of his country not destroy it, as he has wilfully done.

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Gulf agrees new contract for domestic workers - official

Gulf labour ministers have agreed on minimum terms to improve the contracts of more than two million domestic staff working in the region, a top official was quoted as saying on Tuesday.The move comes...

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Posted by: Issam Abdeen Nov 27, 2014 6:27 PM [Oman]

Just basic human rights returned back to these poor folks after long suffering.

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HSBC to refund UAE, Bahrain, Oman customers for excessive fees

HSBC will refund customers across five countries in the Middle East and North Africa for charging them excessive foreign currency fees on debit and credit card transactions, the lender confirmed to Reuters...

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Posted by: gordon Nov 27, 2014 6:26 PM [dubai]

erm...only because they have been getting caught and fined. nothing to do with customer service. that will not change lol

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Exclusive: Emirates exec reveals why the Dubai airline ditched FIFA

Emirates Airline pulled out of its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup because it no longer felt comfortable with the relationship and the deal did not create "bang for your buck", an Emirates Group senior...

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Posted by: Marwan El-Nakla Nov 27, 2014 6:26 PM [United Arab Emirates]

To be honest, it is true, I didn't even know Emirates were sponsoring the FIFA World Cup all this time.

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UAE dirham at one-year low vs US dollar as oil price slumps

The UAE dirham fell to its lowest against the US dollar in more than a year in the one-year forwards market on Thursday, as speculation grew that slumping oil prices would lead Gulf states to ditch their...

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Posted by: DRB1 Nov 27, 2014 6:25 PM [UAE]


The dollar peg will not be lifted anytime soon, because:

* Oil is sold in dollars (this is a reason to keep the peg not drop it!);
* When Kuwait “de-pegged” from the dollar, it “re-pegged” to a basket of currencies, not going it alone - why bother;
* The gulf countries trade significantly with china (also pegged to the dollar), to remove the peg will affect UAE competitiveness;
* All government and GRO debt is in dollars;
* Sovereign Wealth Funds (Abu Dhabi's being amongst the worlds largest) owns hundreds of trillions of dollars, principally through US Treasuries;
* These same Sovereign Wealth Funds invest massively in the USA, any de-pegging will affect their returns;
* The pressure on the currencies pegged to the dollar is nothing new;
* It swings both ways negative / positive pressure is part of the peg 'deal';
* Removal of the peg would open up the currency to macro economic inflationary/deflationary pressure.

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