Pakistan property tycoon revives plan for world’s tallest tower

Prior reports had incorrectly said Abu Dhabi would fund tower, which developers claim could help eradicate terrorism

Praveen Choudhary

This is really good news that pakistan also developing such a project which help them to grow and reduce the crime rate, by pumping so much money in economy. success
will be there..

Sunil Srivastava

@ Sam, you can hide your head all you want in the sand or the snow if you are in Canada but there is no denying that there are lots of restrictions on Pakistanis going abroad, including the Arabian Gulf where the restrictions or blanket restrictions are either eased or tightened depending on the conduct of the diaspora Pakistanis and the never ending political turmoil and the gory violence in Pakistan.

get over it

Sunil, i think that today the Swiss government has issued a travel warning to India after the rape of a Swiss tourist. It appears that India is making quite a name for itself in this field. There is plenty of gory violence in India. Pakistan is taking the brunt of it because we are a frontline state in the 'great game'. In any case why does it bother you (an Indian) if Pakistan is doing something positive? Shouldn't you be happy that it will stabilise the region? The reason is that in india there are fanatics like yourself who have still not accepted that Mother India of legend is now carved up. I think you should accept the ground realities.


@Sunil. Totally irrelevant comment, reflecting pure ignorance.

I never said Pakistanis were free to travel as they pleased - indeed far from it. I am aware they are unwanted in many parts of the world; but this is not because these nations penalize all Pakistanis for the actions of a few. This is because they have orders from their "true masters" to shun Pakistanis in order to help realize their goal of turning Pakistan into a failed state. The smaller the diaspora, the lower the remittances, so every little bit of pressure needs to be exerted (in their view). If what you said was true and host nations "eased or tightened depending on the conduct of the diaspora", then I assure you Indian would be bearing the brunt first as they top the list of foreign nationals in jails in most of the host nations.

Now you get your head of that sand :)


Pakistan's quick nosedive to an abyss will make it a pariah country to be shunned by the whole world just like its western rogue neighbor, may be it already is a pariah country after the gas pipeline project. From a failed country to a pariah country and people still want to invest in Pakistan???

get over it

and you Vishal are writing from Australia? let me guess you are on holiday... ( in a country where Indians from the number of attacks against them are apparently quite disliked)

Nasir Rafiq

@Vishal, I want my country to fail, I want it to fail real bad, worse than Afghanistan, that's what you Indians keep thinking, right? I wish you get that, so there's 35M Afghanis & 200M Pakistanis, I would love to see how India, sorry, my bad, 'progressing India' - would handle that.
So, Lets pray that this doesn't happen. Don't say bad if you can't say good. The way I see it, for India to progress, and not hurt its growth rate, eventually even it will have to invest in Pakistan - That's a fact.


I think every patriotic Indian must support the development of Pakistan. A developed Pakistan will be a better neighbour than a failed country. And here we have people like 'Vishal', who would leave the country or even ready to renounce his citizenship for material comfort and selfish reasons and can't see any good thing happening anywhere else.

I am from India and will be very happy to see a developed Pakistan, or any other place than more poor and crime in this world.

Ajay Rodriguez

@ Ayesha, there is no need to dream or wish or pray, do you really see any positive news? Please do not delude yourself because the writing is definitely on the wall for all to see...


Dear Vishal
Dream on, wish and pray.
Another solution for knots in the intestine after hearing any positive news about Pakistan is to take a chill pill or relaxant


Before investing anywhere, first deal with its people then it will be crystal clear if you should plunge in the pristine water or stop right there from making an impulsive move.

Abdul hafeez Sheikh

This is good news for any Pakistani National .We hope and pray for the success of the project


A second world country that lives on international development aid wants to build worlds tallest tower? Why is that? Pakistan should build roads, sewers and electricity lines before even dreaming of such things.

Thamir Ghaslan


This is because Saudi does not suffer from brain drain and I know plenty of Saudis working in global major economies for 5 years or less in different industries and then head home. Its very rare to hear of someone moving permanently.

I know plenty of Saudi doctors in Canada and the latest figure puts them at 6,000. Given Saudi's small population size compared with South Asia this is a big number.

Also, Saudi has been sending people on foreign scholarships ever since Faisal was King. King Abdullah dramatically increased the numbers.

Fajr Azeem

Why only blame the people living within Pakistan, even those Pakistanis living outside Pakistan have brought enough ignominy to their country by supporting terrorism and committing crimes, rapes and violence. No wonder many Pakistani migrants are sent back home from the Gulf, Europe and US. Literacy and illiteracy are irrelevant because it is the educated who commit the worst crimes, not the illiterate.

get over it

'Fajr' and 'Azeem'. I don't know where you get your information from but making blanket statements without any evidence throws suspicions on you real identities and motives. There are many overseas Pakistanis who have contributed to their adopted countries and whose contributions have been acknowledged by those countries as you would be happy to know there are many Indians. The country is not undertaking these projects rather it is a private enterprise to make money. So firstly there is no utilisation of national resources for this that you feel could be used elsewhere which appears to be something you are very concerned about. Secondly since it is a private enterprise the decisions are purely commercial. I myself think that building a tallest tower is useless but if the investors and developers feel there is money in it then why not?


Spot on Fajr, I couldn't agree more. Instead of solving the endless list of problems in Pakistan whose institutions are practically non existent, they are developing the highest tower in the world!!! This is a failed country with failed people and failed institutions. PERIOD!


@Fajr. You cant stereotype - there are always good and bad people in every race, nationality and clan. Also, your statements that overseas Pakistanis are "supporting terrorism" and that "illiteracy are irrelevant", shows you are quite illiterate too. Actually, you seem to be one of the increasing number of "educated yet illiterate and ignorant" people that exist today.

Firstly, can you even define terrorism? Likely not - you know what, you are not really even worth my time. Good luck in cuckoo land is all I shall say - hope you wake up in time though.


Newspapers in Pakistan had not reported incorrectly, but Mr. Malik himself was on the news channels announcing that he had entered an US$45bn agreement with Abu Dhabi Group?s Dhabi Contracting, run by UAE minister Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahayan, to build the Karachi project. That was a no go project and this one as well is also just an announcement to gain votes - nothing else...


Thanks. I too had the same question in mind and your explanation seems "on the spot" to me.

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