Pakistan to top Dubai's Burj with Abu Dhabi cash - report

Media reports say Abu Dhabi Group will sink US$45bn into Pakistan mega projects

Murad Hashim Shah

It is a good news that Malik Riaz is Making efforts of a big deal for,its mother land .Pakistan to be known and visible a world classic buildings like Burj Alsheikh too, on this beautiful Glob,
through construction work.

it is a pride and we all pray for his success.

Murad Hashim Shah

Gautam Goswami

May be it is time for the insolent child who abandoned her mother in August 1947 to return to her loving mother's laps... It is worth giving it a thought.

najib ullah

This is called living in illusion, dream on

Abu Hamza

To all the optimists in this forum - there was no deal in the first place. It was actually an MOU signed between the Abu Dhabi based investment firm and Bahria Town, the Pakistani developer. However, now that is also cancelled.

Sorry to rain at your parade. Bette luck next time guys.

najib ullah

Ever Been to Pakistan? Well saying is easy , the most potential ever to come in future is in Pakistan, with its Gold, Coal, Gas, OIL reserves no wonder everyone wants a piece of action, if not now soon but tables will turn, we know it, you should too.
Surrounded by ocean, Himalayas, second largest peak K2, best skiing slopes, rivers, deserts,marble mountains, wildlife, vast agriculture,
world squash champion, record holders, hickey world champs record holders, cricket world cup holders, Bridge and snooker world champions, 6th largest military in the world, and a nuclear power.
WHY YOU DOUBT IT or is it just mere jealousy.


some people

looks like a typical illogical sentiments from our indian neighbour.... than again with chinese investing in Pakistan's deep sea port in Gwadar and offical negative response from the indian government no wonder any thing positive for Pakistan is seen negatively from indians,...

nice to know who are real friends are.. thank you for confirming this.

reminds me what ex-ISI general Asif Durrani commented on the indians.... "when it comes to Pakistan, indians become incredibily stupid"


Yes pls quote ISI on matters related to India, surely that is the best most unbiased source one can get on all things India.

FYI same ISI said a lot of things about whereabouts of OBL also, we all know how that turned out.



clearly you have no clue of the dynamics of the Pakistan's economy or the fact the literally billlions of investment is being with held till this current US backed goverment leaves., which will be in a few weeks time



clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.. China is friends with Pakistan for a great many resasons which perhaps beyond your ability to understand.

Take the case of Gwadr port which the heavily being invested by chinese for economic reasons i.e. to cut container time to export to africa and middle east.

the rest of your comments are simply too idiotic to comment on.

najib ullah

Do u really think we are Stupid, than think again



Again you dont understand the Chinese, you have no idea how much geniune assistance they have give us.. i dont even where to start on thier assistence to help Pakistan energy crisis (which was fustrated by this horribly corrupt government) to defence needs. They are just waiting the govenment to leave and then firework will really begin.

There was a reason why Gen Musharaf has on record stated that Pakistan has 4 all weather friends and China was one of them. Clearly unlike you he knows what he is talking about.


PRC is using Pakistan quite effectively, trust me I understand PRC a lot more than the avg Pak nationalist does.

You deny that China sold you locomotive engines that failed?

Gwadar is very useful for China but again you miss the fact that it does them good primarily and you secondarily. PSA is one of the best if not the best port operator in the world, they got driven out after being fed up.

Gwadar was and most probably will be a commercial failure due to poor security, the Baluch know that its not made for their benefit. With PLA(N) or Pak Military forcibly securing it will only further ensure its commercial failure even if it is a "strategic success" - then the rules will change again by the US/India/Iran & Baluch descendants in the Middle East who dont want to see this succeed on their spilled blood.

China will use you for its strings of pearls, sell you anything & then do real biz with say US, Japan & Ind as it has always done.

Thamir Ghaslan

Looks like GCC investors never learn!

Both Saudi and Emirates telcos suffered huge oversea financial losses after investing in Both India and Pakistan.

And don't get me started on the licensing scams.


There are 2 important things to get them understand:-

1. Why UAE Group is going to break their own tallest building record their selves..?

2. Why UAE Group is going to invest a huge investment (about 15% of their annual GDP) in Pakistan (as most people here are thinking Pakistan as a failed state). Do UAE group do not understand this reality about Pakistan..???

The positive thing that we can abstract from above questions is:-

1. UAE Group (and importantly their business advisers) do understand that Pakistan is going to be a very strong economy in near future. They are not fool people who can not understand and forecast their margins.

The people here noising and labeling Pakistan as failed state, must realize and consider the above 2 questions.

Best of luck Pakistan...!!!

Rohit Arora

As an investor myself, why will I invest in a failed country that has become a slaughter house?

AbuDhabi Investor

1st, I am happy to see Pakistanis all excited and nervous about this announcement of an MOU. which they think is a green light to celebrate the tallest tower, etc.

2nd, when readying some of their comments that offend me as a GCC Arab, one that is from the Emirate that has signed the MOU for Pakistan. Instead of reading thank you's I am reading nervous banter steering public awareness away from the facts.

3rd, my opinion, this is a very risky project, 99.9% failure rate guaranteed. contrary to what Pakistanis FEEL, this is the truth for 1001 and reasons. but I wish for it to succeed, why?

Because there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel that says maybe this will create jobs, maybe the hungry will eat, maybe Pakistani politicians that have been stealing Billions from the people will straighten out for the 1st time.

Rajeev B

@ Rohit, from what I overhear this optimism is not even shared by pakistanis.

Haresh K

@ AbuDhabi/Pakistani Investor, I applaud your optimism which sadly is only shared by Pakistanis.

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