Passenger gives birth on Emirates flight to Paris

The plane was diverted to Larnaca International Airport

Airline employee

The lady was within the limitation to travel , unfortunately for her the baby was born premature , this does occur on air travel , air pressure and aircraft movement / turbulence triggers early delivery especially on the case of multiple pregnancies .
The airline would never have accepted her without the required certificates which is being validated at the first point of check in and at the gate and by the cabin crew once boarded the aircraft.


Usually pregnant women can fly up to week 28, 32 in some airlines. She can be within limits and baby may have come earlier than expected.
It is perfectly possible that the airline was following best practices and yet the woman delivered. I have been told that women are not machines and that pregnancies bring lot of variation and uncertainties.

Normal Citizen

Glad that the passenger-turned-mother and her little baby are well.
BUT: How and why could it happen that a pregnant women is accepted for a flight? I remember that my wife would not have been accepted for travel by air once she was past her 28th week - unless she was carrying a medical certificate which would extend that period until the end of week 34.
What happened in this particular case?

Steve Allinson

All sounds very touchy feely but..........How did she get on the flight so late in her term. If I had been a passenger on the flight I would have been extremely upset at being diverted and delayed for an incident that was completely avoidable and was down to one individuals lack of consideration for all the other passengers. Finally it must be a very expensive exercise to divert a 380 from its scheduled flight path and you can be sure Emirates will have to recover this cost through air fares.

Howard Letch

Totally agree with you Steve. On face value this looks quite irresponsible. I am all for saving lives in emergencies but this seems to be a gross oversight from the airline to accept a passenger in this condition.

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