Pearl-Qatar alcohol ban won't last - Gordon Ramsay

UK celebrity chef closed Maze restaurant after slump in sales following alcohol ban


Pick a direction

By example, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are 20 years ahead of anywhere else in the GCC, socially and economically and nearly every other way. They're also (generally) aware of how they really want to get on in the World through tolerance and accpetance of differences without the presumption to assume a finite well of gas can alone buy favour, world cups or friends for that matter.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi it's a matter of hospitality and welcoming the world, like you do to any guest at home to make them comfortable. They also get to exploit these guests for tourism dollars (Bonus!). Has this led to an erosion of local culture to the extent that Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi etc... are the only bastiens of Gulf culture? Having visted all of them and met them holidaying in Dubai, that's a scary thought!

Monkey Tennis

@ Nirsly - let's hope you keep your own counsel in future when debating ex-pats. Who are you my friend and what has made you so angry?



Wow, you have met All Gulf people coming to Dubai?

Busy man. Now you know all about Gulf people, an expert.

I saw an Englishman in a restaurant the other day, so now I know all about 60 million Englishmen.


I have met Mr.Ramsey and dined in a number of his restaurants and my guess is that someone who is seeking a "tasty treat" might not quite be the demographic he is aiming at. My guess is you're a Cheesecake Factory or Ravis kinda guy and that's great but Ramsey's restaurants serve a type of cuisine and provide a dining experience - incorrectly labelled as exlusively Western - that is often enjoyed with alcohol and to many that completes their experience. Those who understand this are unlikely to object to the service of alcohol which is an intrinsic part of his offering. Like what you did with the "whine/wine" play on words though - if you are going to be served up blind prejudice it's always nice to have it done with some creativity.

Ron Bagnulo

I've not met Mr. Ramsay... but, I recognize that self-important 'whine' in his complaint... like that of a 'national airline', felt hard-done-by government policy, high fuel prices, or 'un-warranted' taxation.

Maybe your 'passengers' have just walked in search of better food and better service? Speaking for myself, I never choose an eatery based on its 'wine' list; it's the furthest thing from my mind. I want a tasty treat, ...and I want to pass that on to others, ...whether they drink, or not. It's about the food.


I would like to see some feedback from the muslims that do drink in the hotel bars and restaurants in Qatar.



Yes Dr. Freud. You really have us all figured out. Quick, tell the press, you know everything about the Islamic world.


@ The Avenger

This works just fine in our culture and religion, just as it works just fine in other cultures and religions, where All religions frown upon drunkenness.

Please be more intelligent than to learn about Islam from Fox News or an Islam book you picked up from your corner shop. Don't assume what is and isn't permitted without reading it yourself.


The issue is that locals simply do not know how to deal with this 'alcohol' issue and especially they do not know to handle criticism either. That is why the struggle to handle this issue. Alcohol is freely available in Bahrain, easily available in the UAE and through one liquor store in Doha... (and of course on all local airlines), cheers.



It does, if the glass is the size of two bottles of wine, and your meal is a liquid one.


@Nirsly, enjoying a glass of wine with your meal does not make you an alcoholic.

If Qatar did not want alcohol to be served in venues on the Pearl they should have made it clear from the start instead of turning this mess.



Here's some feedback from a Muslim who drinks: why don't you just drink at home like all normal Alcoholics?


It's simple... Qatar can allow alcohol and choose to develop their hospitality industry along the lines of Dubai (with whatever improvements and personal touches they desire), or ban it and choose the Sharjah or Kuwaiti version of the hotel and restaurant industry.


I hope That the Government in Qatar ban the alcohol , Because Qatar is a Muslims country , and if the western whant to drink let thim leave Qatar and retern to there country.


@Inca , and on the other side, you can't stand respecting a culture and demand alcohol. Are you that alcoholic ? What a culture you come from.


@Qatari: as most of you, you can only state things like "leave the country". You cannot stand a dialogue, and hey they were saying 1 year ago that the Pearl could make it without alcohol....numbers say different, isn't it?


Qatar should make a global announcement that all consumers of alcohol are not permitted to drink in there County period. That should end this endless conversation.Qatar alcohol Free Nation.


Gordon believes a cigarette ban makes more sense than an alcohol ban. Funny that!! Volume and Margin on cigarette sales not great! Unfortunately cigarettes are not forbidden in the local culture, alcohol is. Sorry Gordon


Gordon Ramsay is 100% right, cheers.

Angelika Lancsak

Way too much fuss about stupid alcohol:-)

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